rice pudding recipe with rose petals | Mauli Rituals Journal

Roses for My Sweetheart

With Valentines just around the corner warm your hearts and minds with our delicious rice pudding recipe with rose petals, pistachios, cardamom, rose water, pistachios and a sprinkling of our aphrodisiac superfood blend, this one’s sure to ignite loving feelings for self and others. read more...

The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Oral Oil Pulling

The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Oral Oil Pulling

Oral oil pulling is the ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swilling oils around your mouth for a period of time to remove bacteria build up, promote oral hygiene and improve dental health. read more...
Inside Space massage Tips | Mauli Rituals Journal

Inside Space Massage Tips

At-Home Massage Techniques

We’ve all been there: it’s been a long day, our body feels exhausted inside and out, and we’d love nothing more than to book in for a luxury full-body massage. read more...

Exercise For Equilibrium | Mauli Rituals Blog

Ayurvedic Exercise For Equilibrium

January is a time when we want to push our bodies to the limit, yet energy levels are lagging behind. This tends to manifest as starting with all good intentions and then either we crash and burn, or worse still, we do ourselves an injury. read more...
Q&A with Anita Kaushal | Mauli Rituals Journal

Look Fantastic Q&A With Anita Kaushal

Mauli Rituals is a brand defined by love, tradition and wellbeing. Taking inspiration from the ancient Ayurvedic Rituals of the East, the skin and bodycare brand create products which make a real difference to your skin and your health. read more...
Easy vedic Meditation For Inner Peace | Mauli Rituals Journal

Easy Vedic Meditation For Inner Peace

Having over-consumed in December, it's inevitable we welcome in a new cycle of change. read more..