RETURN TO SELF through the science of Ayurveda

Ancient India's Beauty Rituals Redefined

Mauli (मौलि) [more-lee] noun

....a sacred red thread serving as a symbol of protection, connection and wellbeing. Each time you experience our high-performance, potent plant therapies, let them serve as gentle reminders to nurture yourself and honour a life beyond surviving to one of joyfully thriving.

Experience The Transformation

Bathing in exquisite, scented water, detoxing delicate skin with purifying clays, nourishing the scalp with potent herbs, and enveloping the body with deliciously seductive oils are rituals that go beyond beautifying and strengthening. These daily acts of devotion signal a respect for the body that houses the soul and are an invitation to return to Self, leading to the discovery that what you needed was there all along.

Rare Adaptogens To Restore Your Brilliance

Expertly formulated in consultation with Ayurvedic practitioners and Aromatherapists; we seek out the finest time-honoured methods and rare ingredients that are rich in actives to heal and rejuvenate and exquisite in scent to soothe and balance within.

Your glowing reviews
"My hair is noticeably thicker, healthier and less dry. My hairdresser even commented on the huge improvement."
— Sagree, Verified Customer
"By far and away the best hair oil I've ever used!"
— Jan, Verified Customer
"After using it 4 times my hair is stronger, shinier, richer and the thickness is coming back. Worth a try - trust me you won't regret it."
— Aarati - Verified Customer
"Woah! I am amazed with how well my hair has turned out after using this. no more frizz and goes a long way. Looking forward to buying again."
— Hayley, Verified Customer
"I feel noticeably better since taking Mauli supplements"
— Kate, Verified Customer

Soothe Summer Skin

Created for our spa treatments at Bulgari worldwide; our dosha balaning oils bring the benefits of deep abyanga massage to your home.

The Summer Oil is crafted with soothing bergamot, lavender, lime, spearmint, sandalwood and rose absolute in a base of tissue-healing evening primrose and jojoba to help calm inflamed skin and pacify the mind.