Our Top Tips On How To Practise Positive Affirmations Daily

Our Top Tips On How To Practise Positive Affirmations Daily

At Mauli Rituals, we believe that finding balance and control not just over your body but your mind and spirit help to create a healthy environment for you to flourish and be the best version of yourself.
International Men's Day

International Men's Day: How Ayurvedic Adaptogens Can Work For Men

International Men’s Day is celebrated on the 19th of November and is a day where we get to focus on the amazing men in our lives as well as focus on the more important issues regarding mental health, and physical health as well as promoting positive masculinity, and supporting male role models.
Holiday Season gifts

10 Gifts To Be Inspired By For A Joyful Holiday Season

With the gifting season just around the corner, many of us have started thinking about what to get our loved ones. This year, we aim to gift with intention, with love, and reason.

5 Ways To Drink Water The Ayurveda Way

If you are incorporating the Ayurveda system into your daily routine, then there are some rules about water intake that we think you might find interesting. 
The Five days Of Diwali

Celebrate The Five days Of Diwali - The Festival Of Lights

Diwali is a time to be grateful and cherish your friends and family. It is a traditional Indian festival that has such a broad and far reach that spans across the globe.
Relationship Between Our Organs And Emotions

The Relationship Between Our Organs And Emotions

Our bodies are complex, and slight shifts in our routines, or emotions can cause us to feel unbalanced. If you haven’t been feeling like yourself recently, then finding out how your emotions can affect not only your mind but also your internal organs could truly benefit you.
Ayurvedic Treatments For Menopause

World Menopause Day: Ayurvedic Treatments For Menopause

Ayurveda aids the connection between the mind, body, and spirit when it comes to promoting wellness and supporting overall well-being. Perfect during menopause.
Balance Your Emotions

Introducing Our Calm Balm: How To Balance Your Emotions With 5 Marma Points

Our newest product to join the Mauli Rituals range, our Calm Balm, is there to help when you need to take these sacred moments to yourself and re-centre.
Understanding Kapha

Understanding Kapha: How To Get Optimum Sleep For Energised Waking Hours

Understanding our dosha, and the best ways to balance our energy is one aspect of the multi-layered, comprehensive healing system that is Ayurveda. In this article, we will be looking at Kapha, and how, if you are predominately ruled by this dosha, you can get a full, rested night’s sleep. 
Ayurvedic Cleanse

Your Autumn Equinox Ayurvedic Cleanse Shopping List

Boost your immunity and prepare your body and mind for the start of this new Ayurvedic season, governed by vata dosha. Get your shopping list here to prepare simple, delicious Ayurvedic food for your cleanse.... read more.
Mauli Rituals

8 Years Of Mauli Rituals: 8 Of Our Team’s Favourite Products of The Year

Mauli Rituals is officially eight years old. Eight years of celebrating love, nature, tradition, and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring. To celebrate this moment, we asked our team to share their favourite Mauli products, and why they choose to add them to their daily routine. 

hair loss products

A Ritual For Regrowth: 3 Ways Amla Oil Can Treat Hair Loss

As it’s National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we thought it the perfect opportunity to discuss the rejuvenating power of the Ayurvedic fruit, amla. Also known as the India Gooseberry, amla oil has helped people to experience naturally shiny and healthy hair for decades.