We begin life in the womb, cocooned in water and it’s the most natural place to find comfort. Water is not only vital in our bodies but has untold benefits to in the form of bathing.  Immersing the body in water helps calm the mind, soothe skin, improve lymphatic drainage, relieve muscle ache and induce a good night’s sleep. In Ayurveda, bathing is considered a form of therapy. A daily bath, where you give yourself a moment to ease the day away can be a profoundly healing ritual to add to your daily life, especially in modern day society.

Ayurvedic medical texts report many benefits from the healing bath. The simple act of taking a bath provides a full complement of mind-body rewards without any effort on your part. It can help relax tense muscles, open clogged pores and contributes to a calmer mind and more balanced emotions. ⁠For those  living in a big polluted city is, it’s also great at removing sweat, dirt, and environmental toxins from the skin.

The beauty rituals of India are all about layering with sensual oils, healing herbs, mineral rich salts and fragrant flowers and all these are centred around water.  

Water purifies physically and emotionally and is who we are.



To transform an ordinary bath into a healing Ayurvedic self-care ritual follow these tips:

  • Prepare your bath with traditional Ayurvedic herbs or healing salts
  • Take your time.
  • Practice deep breathing while soaking in your bath.
  • Try to relax, so that both mind and body benefit.
  • After you get out, apply warm dosha-specific oils

There’s no denying that a good soak in the bath is the ideal winter-time treat for soaking away stress, tension and party season toxins. Read Inside Space’s article By Samantha Nice for the full bath guide to discover the best ways to turn bath time into a truly holistic experience.

“Bathing has many untold benefits,” explains co-founder of Mauli Rituals, Anita Kaushal. “Immersing the body in water helps to calm the mind, soothe skin, improve lymphatic draining, relieve muscle ache and induce a good night’s sleep. We begin life in the womb, cocooned by water so it is a natural place to be,” adds Anita. “It is the best place for us to find comfort.”

 Our two favourite tips FromInside spaces article: 

Add Healing Salts

“While oils are great for awakening the senses and creating that spa-like ambience, bath salts will add a whole host of non-aromatic benefits. Sprinkling just a few of these crushed up minerals in to your bath can help combat fatigue, reduce inflammation and even eliminate toxins as they break down in water and enter your body through your skin as you soak. Relieve muscle tension with magnesium (reach for REN’s Magnesium Booster Bath Salts), revitalise and detoxify the body, mind and soul with pink Himalayan salts (try Mauli’s Ayurvedic-inspired Himalayan Detox Salts) and soothe irritated skin with Susanne Kaufmann’s St John’s Wort Bath.”



Light A Candle

 “Lighting a candle instantly gives a feeling of relaxation and calm; thanks to the aromatic scents and the peaceful flicker of the flame. Our favourite is the This Works Deep Sleep Candle which is blended with comforting lavender and Roman chamomile to remedy a restless mind, relax the body and promote a good night’s sleep, as well as Mauli’s Sundaram and Silence Candle which ignites peacefulness thanks to its blend of lavender, sandalwood and jasmine. Artificial light at bedtime will suppress melatonin which can make it harder to drop off and interfere with sleep quality, so try switching out the lights completely and just bathing by the candlelight.”


 Read Inside Space’s article for the full bath guide to discover the best ways to turn your bath time into a truly holistic experience.


We are made of mostly water and to be immersed in this element is a natural place to be”- Anita