The beauty of vedic astrology, also known as jyotish, which translates to mean science of the light, is that it is holistic. Vedic astrology encompasses ayurveda and understands that just as a Full Moon can have an impact on our bodies, so can all the other planets. Keep reading to find out how your personal astrology chart is related to your dosha. 

If you’ve ever done a test to find out what your dosha is, you might know something about the various qualities each Dosha imparts, but for those who don’t know, we’re going to outline them again briefly. Ayurvedic philosophy knows that there are three qualities, known as “gunas”, that lie at the heart of everything, from our bodies and minds, to consciousness. 

Similarly, your particular dosha reflects certain energetic qualities of your body. These qualities can also extend to things like your style of speech, your menstrual cycle, sleep patterns and mental thought habits. For example, since Vata is the dosha primarily linked to the Air element, people with a dominant Vata dosha tend to think more quickly, and perhaps have lighter sleep. Air is the element of thought and movement. Which is why during the winter months, it’s important for those with a dominant Vata dosha to stay grounded with nourishing, buttery foods and body lotions that increase the water and earth elements. 

Just as the seasons change, your body reacts to those changing weather patterns. Eating habits and what you put on your body can all have an impact upon your dosha. Eating heavy, buttery foods in Spring for example, might aggravate the system, as Spring is a season when the natural world is already in a Kapha (slow and heavy) state. As Spring arrives the body is trying to cleanse, renew, and rejuvenate the organs, so eating lighter foods helps the body process and shed the Winter energy, before moving into Summer when Pitta is dominant. 

Your own personal astrology also has an impact on your underlying dosha. Each of the planets have their own energetic quality. The Sun and Mars are hot, fiery, and relate to Pitta dosha. Venus and the Moon are cool, feminine planets that relate to the Kapha dosha. One could say Mercury is neutral, however since Mercury rules fast movement, it possesses a Vata-like quality. You can apply this knowledge to your own birth chart. If you are an Aries sun with a Leo Moon, then both those signs are ruled by Pitta planets. Therefore you would do well to avoid foods and products that aggravate your Pitta dominance. Those with a lot of Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces in their chart would be considered Kapha dominant, so might benefit from foods and drinks that stir motion, increasing heat and circulation. Kapha is the slowest and calmest of the doshas, and Kapha natives are often compassionate, kind and good listeners. Those with more Pitta in their chart tend to make excellent leaders, which links to the dominance of Fiery planets that are necessary in a birth chart in order to have a commanding presence, and determination. 

Vedic astrology uses the birth chart in a holistic way to help address imbalances in the body, mind and spirit, and not just address outer events in life. The aim is to find harmony within, before it is expressed outwardly. 

Understanding the energetic nature of your birth chart can help identify any potential imbalances between the doshas. Checking in with a Vedic astrologer to find out more about how to eat, what colours to wear and what products to use on the skin is a great way to learn more about your prakriti, or personal constitution. 

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This article is courtesy of astrologer Hedy Noemi, click here to book your personal astrology consultation. 

Anita Kaushal