Kapha Dosha - Earth & Water

(pron: ka-fuh). Your grounded energy is heavy and governs bodily growth associated with fat, tissues, muscles and a healthy immune system. You are loving, compassionate, easygoing, calm and non-judgemental. You appreciate simple pleasures and enjoy an unhurried life. Methodical; you take your time to learn, but never forget. Physically you have a strong digestive system, healthy sleep patterns, slightly oily, but radiant skin and thick, lush hair. You speak slowly, thoughtfully and clear. The most balanced of all three dosha, friends and colleagues rely on you as the voice of reason and someone who can bring perspective and calm to any situation.

SIGNS OF IMBALANCE - An excess of Kapha energy can manifest in a slower metabolism, which in turn causes weight gain, fluid retention, joint pain and sinus and respiratory issues. Resistant to change, an imbalance will cause you hold onto past hurts, take words to heart and to get get stuck in patterns, relationships and careers that no longer serve you. Fatigue, low energy and lack of motivation are all further signs of imbalance and Kapha's have to be particularly careful of these issues in the colder, winter months. You are the most present and mindful of all the doshas, when in balance, so if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, check in and adapt your diet and lifestyle to bring you back in sync.

HOW TO FEEL YOUR BEST - Given you tend to get stuck, it’s important you bring more variety into your life. Try learning new things and see it as a way to also meet new people and broaden your horizons. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith but don’t make big changes until you are back in balance. Physically you need to focus on daily endurance exercises such as swimming, cycling and weight training to get the endorphins kicking in and to jolt you out of your routine. Weekly fasts will help you to detox a sluggish system, as will invigorating, detoxifying masks, herbal teas and massage oils. Opt for light, warm, spicy foods to help boost the system and eat sweets and dairy only when you feel back in balance. Once back in balance Kapha demonstrate unmatched strength and resilience.


Your Dosha-balancing essentials:


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