by: Mauli Rituals

Daily shaving can cause dry, itchy skin and ingrown hairs. For those with beards the problem is exacerbated as it tends to be more coarse and the skin beneath has less opportunity to breathe, so needs extra conditioning. To combat these issues Nourish combines light, luxurious oils of rejuvenating moringa and blackseed, tissue healing argan, detoxifying watermelon seed, conditioning coconut and almond, infused with neem extracts and our decadent all-natural fragrance essential oils.  This supreme blend conditions and heals skin, while leaving unruly beard and brows beautifully manageable with a sublime, lingering scent.

Therapeutic oils of uplifting lime, sweet blood orange, geranium and accents of bright coriander, expand into a sacred quartet of rose otto, sensual jasmine sambac and celestial davana; with a deeper, mysterious base of earthy sandalwood, patchouli, lotus root and vetiver, subtly accented with the floral musk of precious amberette.

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Small-batch hand-crafted in a London atelier to better preserve the nutrient-rich blend; Nourish is offered in a matte black tube and tied with mauli. A gorgeous gift which is sure to become a daily essential.


A little goes a long way, so if applying as a healing, conditioning and scenting aftershave, put 3 drops in the palm of your hands and rub together before massaging onto clean, dry skin. Use immediately after shaving or shower, when skin is warm and damp.  Use on beard and brows to condition, tame and soothe and all over face as a rejuvenating serum. Follow by applying M Pure Fragrance Oil on pulse points.


"Thank you for the lovely scented Nourish Oil and so beautifully presented. I shall use it sparingly, as my son does on his beard, and afterwards as an after shave". Raymond Lauren

"My boyfriend loves using this product. He puts this on and it soothes any irritation. Keeps his skin super soft. He only uses a few drops and its lasted ages". suzi0305

"I bought this oil for my boyfriend few months ago, and today he bought it again because he can't live without it. As I see it, the oil makes his beard shiny and healthy. It's a pleasure to touch it after applying the oil." Laeticia

"When recommended by a non-bearded friend, I was somewhat sceptical about Mauli Rituals’ “best beard oil”. However, after taking the leap of faith, I immediately noticed 2 differences: some taming of the inherent wildness, and a more lush, softer beard. I must add that I also noticed a change in the conversations being started from: ⁃ Inhale. Swoon. “Your beard smells so good! Can we cuddle?” All in all, an overwhelmingly positive experience from customer service through packaging aesthetics and product use, such that I immediately re-ordered for fear of being without. " Sean R. Smith

"I have used this oil for a while now and I love it. The scent is fantastic and it can be used for so many different purposes. Pre or post shaving, to keep the beard soft, in the hair or as a moisturiser in the face when the skin is dry. Can't recommend it enough!!" Carl

"I make my own beard oil for myself - because I've never found one that I like - until I tried yours. Absolutely amazing!"  Gabriel Reedy


"The beard has long been regarded as a symbol of dignity and wisdom and indeed when one thinks of a Guru, a beard instantly comes to mind. Perhaps it's something to do with respecting the perfection of creation, but given we don't live in isolation on top of a mountain a little grooming is a good thing. This and Grow Strong are my everyday essentials". Bittu Kaushal


Oils of Moringa, Sweet Almond, Coconut, Blackseed, Argan and Watermelon Seed and Neem extracts.  Therapeutic grade essential oils of Lime, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Geranium Blood Orange, Rose Otto, Coriander, Jasmine Sambac, Davana, Lotus Root, Champac, Ambrette seed and Vetiver.  Rosemary antioxidant.  Free from water, alcohol, chemical preservatives, stabilisers or additives.

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Your wellbeing guides our collection: Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates, phthalates, GMO, PEG’s TEA and DEA and we never test on animals. Instead we use pure roots, flowers and therapeutic grade essential oils rich in antioxidants and minerals and known for their ability to repair, rejuvenate and beautify but as importantly blended to balance and nourish within, so your true self has a chance to shine.