Ayurveda provides us with many tips on how to live well and in harmony. Nature has a remedy to most of our modern-day problems, including stress, acne and anxieties. Begin this new decade with routine, goals and an idea on how to reduce stress and bring a higher quality of life.


Grazia recently wrote a wonderful article highlighting all things wellbeing, from reducing stress to improving your commute. The season of change is upon us, and it's time to reflect on what you wish to take into 2020 and what should be left behind in 2019.
Grazia spoke to a wide range of experts about all of the best ways to improve your life on a day-to-day basis, leaving you happier and healthy for a new decade.


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“Here's How To Live Well In 2020
Encourage Routine
Track Your Triggers
Spice Up Your Life
Adding Ayurvedic herbs and spices to your food is a seamless way to get a hit of goodness. ‘Black pepper stimulates the plasma in the blood, nervous system, spleen and circulatory system to help calm indigestion, release any toxins in the colon and lessen sinus issues,’ advises Anita Kaushal, founder of Mauli Rituals. ‘Or try making an aloe vera shot with lime, pepper and a little honey. This will get the toxins moving and leave you feeling lighter and brighter.’
Breathe It Out
When stress levels rise, your breathing changes. ‘Reframe this response by simply breathing in for four, holding for four, exhaling for four and holding for four,’ says Rebecca Dennis, breathwork coach, author of And Breathe and founder of Breathing Tree (breathingtree.co.uk). ‘This Box Breath technique is used in highly stressful situations by the SAS to focus and tune in. The key is to remember to keep the breath movement in the belly and not the chest area.’
Fill Up On Fibre
Need to keep a racing mind in check? ‘Busy minds can benefit from repeating a mantra,’ says Anita. ‘One need not believe in the mantra – just simply repeat the sounds. Repetition brings balance, strength and compassion for yourself and others.’
 (Sort Of) Break Up With Tech
While a device-free future isn’t realistic, its impact on our work/life balance is undeniable. ‘Studies show that our amygdala, our brain’s emotional response centre, is 60%more reactive when we haven’t slept well,’ says Dr Chatterjee, ‘and using tech before bed demolishes the restorative REM sleep we get.’ If you don’t already, charge your phone outside your bedroom and stop screen time at least two hours before bed. You’ll wake feeling more equipped to deal with stress.
Another great one Mauli recommends, is adding a superfood to your morning routine to boost your energy levels and reduce any imbalances in your body. When your gut and body is working the way it should, it allows for your mind to have space to think positively.


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