What Makes An Acid Diet

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Let’s discuss what makes an acidic diet and how it might affect your health and skin.

First, a quick chemistry lesson to explain what the term ‘acidic’ means. In broad terms, any substance’s pH level is what determines it as acidic or alkaline status – anything with a pH level under 7 is considered to be acidic, 7 is neutral and above 7 is alkaline.

The human stomach – measuring 3,5 -  is a highly acidic environment to enable us to digest food. On the other hand, the human blood is slightly alkaline – scoring about 7,4 on the pH scale.

What makes and acidic diet is mainly a Western type of nutrition. Our typical diet is abundant in acidic products, such as meat, diary and processed carbohydrates. Whatever remains of those foods after digestion, circulates our blood system and lowers its pH levels to make it more acidic. This causes unnecessary stress to the liver and kidneys – and if the acidity in our system persists – it increases the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.

Any food products which are considered alkaline can counteract this process and bring our bodies back into balance.

Limiting meat, sugar, alcohol and diary can help you bring your body back to its desired pH level, making it easier to improve your health, lose weight and improve your skin condition.

Using the Tension Release Massage Dome on your skin, you can easily test how your diet is affecting your skin and your pH levels. The virgin metals react with the oil of the skin to bring up any acidity in your system. You can easily observe that in the case of our second model, Sam – whose face turns grey while being massaged with the Tension Release Massage Dome.

This is a timely and useful reminder to keep our diet in check and perhaps adapt it from time to time to best serve the needs of our bodies.

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