Temple Blessed, Pure Silk Scrunchies, Set Of Six


Exceptionally soft and silky, our plant-dyed pure silk scrunchies minimise breakages, pulls and kinks, resulting in healthier, stronger hair.

Our pure habotai silk scrunchies are plant dyed and layered with reclaimed temple-blessed offerings of husks, herbs, fruits and celebratory marigolds.

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The Set Of Six offers you three scrunchies in Shimla Sunset and three in Bombay Rain:
- The stunning Shimla Sunset shade uses marigolds and ceremonial coconut husks to dye the pure silk; these hard coconut shells are traditionally broken in blessing rituals to symbolise the shattering of the ego, inviting the intention to let go of illusions and claim our divine, fearless nature.
- Beautiful Bombay Rain is predominately dyed using pomegranate, a symbol of eternal life, fertility, beauty and power. The marigolds represent passion, creativity and joy and our intention with these scrunchies is to invite living with an abundant, love filled heart.

Each set comes in a beautiful organdie pouch, making it a thoughtful, useful gift that's imbued with the passion, devotion and stories that are part of its creation.


Pick a scrunchie shade to pair with your outfit, wear in your hair or simply around your wrist as a pretty band to remind you, you are protected and connected to all that is.

We love the half up bun for a chic day look. Start with with half of your hair up in a pony and gently tease hair on top of your head to make it look more voluminous. Twist your pony into a messy bun and secure with your scrunchie.


100% pure habotai silk - made in India using natural plant dyes.

Care Instructions

Cherish and care for your gift by handwashing in cold water, with a mild natural detergent and line dry.

As with all things in nature, the botanical dyes will fade over time, but this is to be appreciated. 

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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