giving back

In distilling our rich ancestral heritage through transformative products, Mauli becomes a portal into a deeper connection with Ayurveda, people and planet. When you live your potential, you'll have more to give others.

Each time you purchase a Mauli product, along with a sacred bell bracelet, we donate £5.00 to children’s charities, because we are all connected by an invisible thread and life's gifts are for sharing.

Thank you for helping us to support our current partner - Harmony House in Delhi.

Harmony House is a charitable organisation for street children in India. Established in 2009, they have been working hard to address and meet the needs of destitute children across education, nutrition, healthcare, vocational training, well being, planning and placement for employment and careers.

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£54,000 for Great Ormond Street | £3,000 for Harmony House | £63,000 for Rays Of Sunshine |