Mauli is a celebration of love, nature, tradition, and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring. We seek out the finest methods and ingredients for uncompromised purity and performance, harnessing Ayurvedic principles and scientifically proven plant medicine.

Our synergistic formulas are for those who respect the power of nature and want to adopt a pro-active approach to living beautifully inside and out.

In honouring love for self and other, the nature in and around us and the traditions that anchor our lives, we invite you to experience new levels of self-nurturing, stillness and letting go, so your true light has a chance to shine.

our journey

In 2012, our daughter passed away from a brain tumor. Her dream was to help others feel connected and confident in living. Ayurveda runs through our heritage. My father-in-law was a Ayurvedic Doctor; my mother an herbalist, my grandmother a midwife and my grandfather was a farmer of plant medicine.

We are native Brits of Indian origin and understand the challenges of modern living and now devote our lives to sharing the power of holistic remedies from skincare to digestion, to our human need for connection. We encourage you to honour the body that houses your soul and make the most of this precious life.

Anita & Bittu Kaushal

scientifically proven pillars

Botanicals to rejuvenate, repair and nourish. Adaptogens to diminish stress and strengthen physically and mentally. Therapeutic Oils to soothe emotions through olfactory responses. Nootropics to enhance mental cognition. Neurocosmetics to enhance emotions and thereby improve skin. Free from nasties and never tested on animals.

our product seal

Every product must
✓ Deliver results - inside & out
✓ Harness potent plant power
✓ Be clean, safe and kind. 
✓ Positively impact the senses 

our collections

Bathing in scented water, detoxing delicate skin with purifying clays, nourishing the scalp with potent herbs, and enveloping the body with deliciously seductive oils are rituals that go beyond beautifying. These daily acts of devotion signal a respect for the body that houses the soul and are an invitation to return to Self.

giving back

Each time you purchase a Mauli product, along with a sacred bell bracelet, we donate £5.00 to children’s charities. Our current product is supporting Harmony House in Delhi.

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we are here to help you feel your best, so you can make life meaningful and give more to others...

ayurveda redefined

Devoted to synergising potent, sensorial plants that to deliver exceptional results inside and out.

our sacred thread

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the journey of creating Mauli was made possible by the positive energy and wisdom of our parents and it is with deep gratitude we celebrate them here...

jagdish & shobha kaushal

From dark to light is the definition of a ‘guru’ and for me that man is my father-in-law. He studied Ayurveda at the University of Banaras and later built a thriving practice in England. Feeling duty bound to serve his community, my father moved into journalism and in doing so gave Asian migrants a much-needed link to their homeland. Ahead of his time, he and my mother-in-law published the UK’s first ‘all-Hindi’ newspaper, delivering a synopsis of India’s main news stories. He continued to fundraise, deepen his Ayurvedic knowledge, meditate, do yoga, walk daily, come rain or shine and in doing so, taught us how to how to thrive, not simply survive.

kamlish & hari chand bajaj

My passion for all things holistic, spiritual and artisan comes from my parents. Both arrived in England in the early 60’s and brought up 7 children, opened heart and home to countless visitors and had corner shops in Portobello, Marylebone. One of their earliest businesses was called ‘sunshine electricals’, and it's fitting of their personalities. Self-care rituals were simple but effective, with my mother’s consisting of gratitude, a vegetarian diet, applying oil on her skin, finished with a dash of red lipstick, her beaming smile and abundant heart. My father would go about his day with oil in his hair, chewing on a neem stick or cardamom pods and his strength came from helping friends and strangers to progress in life.

manav & milli kaushal

Our son Manav guides our values and attitude to mind and body, inspiring us to consider the wellbeing of future generations. In Mauli, we hope to honour our son's future by keeping his heritage alive and in raising £1 for children's charities, we aim to keep the love and light of our magnificent daughter Milli alive.