dr. kaushal's ayurvedic dosha quiz

In a world of daily demands, digital overload, and constant change, it can seem quite a task to align body and mind.   Ayurveda is profound in its simplicity and offers a way to live our true nature, rather than forcing others’ ideas of perfection.  While we offer lots of more insights over on our journal and you are welcome to delve deeper; a good starting point is to discover your dosha.

‘Dosha’, literally translates to fault, or put another way, it is an imbalance of body and mind.  We are one with nature and our dosha is linked to the energies that are around and within us.

Discover your mind-body constitution with Dr. Kaushal's thoughtfully crafted quiz.  The knowledge of your dosha will help you choose optimal foods and exercise, self-care rituals, as well as shed light on your tendencies in business and relationships, especially during challenging times.

You are one step closer to falling in love with your life.