Follow this Mauli Intention Setting Ritual to head into the New Year with purpose and passion.


Firstly, grab pen and paper and begin to write all that you are proud of having achieved over the past year. From the seemingly smallest to the biggest wins – no censor. Just begin to scribble.

Next write all the challenges you’ve faced. From your mind chatter playing tricks on you to the mammoth hurdles. Write without judgement.  

Now, look back and at the top 5 achievements and top 5 challenges that stand out. The intention is to be left with a sheet of paper that highlights how the achievements will propel you in 2021 and the lessons learnt from challenges will now have been learnt, never to be repeated. As the great Maya Angelou said, ‘when you know better, you do better’. So what will you do this coming year?  What do you want your life story to be? It’s time to reflect, renew and re-imagine the life that’s waiting for you, if only you let go.


In order to bring reflections into practice, we need to re-charge. When the mind is foggy, reflections come with a bias and can seem overwhelming. When we want to achieve so badly, but fail to take action and this leads to a feeling of having failed, which spirals into unworthiness and this then perpetuates the belief ‘I am not enough’. The way to come out of this cycle of illusion is to first re-charge. You need time for yourself. Sit in silence or take a walk in nature, whatever you do, have phone-free time and recite the Buddhist compassion prayer. 


 “May I be filled with loving kindness,
May I be well,
May I be peaceful and at ease,
May I be happy and free from suffering."




Now you’re ready to re-imagine. Not for someone else, not from your limitations but from your re-imagined dreams. Dreams need not be grand. Social media would have us believe we all need to be travelling to far flung places, dressed in floaty numbers without a care in the world. I wish you that, if it’s what you wish yourself. Then again, it may be as simple and profound as peace, belonging, community and an ease with who you are. The life you’re living may be based on past conditioning, but the operative word is ‘past’. I believe the biggest impact comes from how you want to feel, as opposed to what you physically want. Have you ever put pictures on a wall or wanted something and then it’s manifested, as if by magic? I know I have, but did those things bring peace and joy?  

How do we move into feeling our joy, as opposed to manufacturing it?  We become conscious in every moment and we do that through reflecting, recharging and re-imagining.  Change can bring fear, but also freedom – your choice.  So join us in creating a life well-lived. 

Mea Jenner