Clean Air + Clean Atonement = True Wellbeing

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Clean air + Clean Atonement = True Wellbeing
In consideration of Earth Day next week, we are reminded of the damage that’s been done to our precious land.  Pollution levels are rising ever faster and worse still, it’s when we close the door to the outside world, that we truly suffer.  Indoor pollution caused by toxic cleaning products, synthetic candles, radiation from computers, dry heat from radiators and hard water from our taps all play havoc on our physical and emotional health, not to mention the quality of hair and skin.

As individuals, we can all do our little bit to make our homes and our planet cleaner and safer.  Here at Mauli, we keep our products clean and green, while ensuring they are as effective as can be; no compromise.
Mauli Rituals Ayurvedic Beauty Brand

Pure Products to Target the Impact of Environmental Pollutants on Skin, Hair, Body & Mind

-1- Strength & Spirit - Adaptogens to Diminish Internal Aggressors

Natural Adaptogens to combat stress

-2-  Grow Strong Duo - Herbal Elixirs to Restore Healthy Hair

Grow Strong Shampoo & Conditioner to restore healthy hair

-3- Tension Release Massage Dome - Massage Tool to Combat Early Signs of Ageing Skin

Tension release Massage Dome

-4- Sundaram Silence Candle - Pure Essential Oil Candle to Relax the Mind

Pure Essential Oil Candle to bring a sense of clarity to the mind

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