Skin transforming trio of serums

Mauli’s trio of multi-correctional botanical concentrates form the perfect beauty staples for mindful skincare. Use alone for intensive repair or add to a daily moisturiser to supercharge and personalise your skincare routine.

Apply to specific areas of the face to support periodic hormonal imbalances and alternate seasonally to combat the impact of environmental stressors.


For intense nourishment on dry, delicate, fine lined skin

+ Rosehip Seed + Evening Primrose  

Pomegranate Co2 extract + Cardamom Co2 extract  

+ Ashwagandha Co2 extract Rose Absolute 

+ Neroli + Patchouli + Frankincense + Geranium

+ Indian Sandalwood + Ylang Ylang + Palmarosa

 + Myrrh + Plant-Derived Squalane  



To soothe and calm inflamed, pigmented skin

+ Moringa + Tamanu + Jojoba

+ Ashwagandha CO2 extract + Gotu Kola CO2 extract

+ Neem CO2 extract + Sandalwood + Vetiver

+ Rosemary + Cedarwood + Bergamot + Holy Basil

+ Peppermint + Palmarosa and enriched with Vitamin E



To brighten and clear oily, acne-prone skin

+ Plant-derived Squalane + Sea Buckthorn

+ Watermelon + Rosehip Seed

+ Black Cumin Co2 extract + Cardamom Co2 extract 

+ Turmeric Co2 extract + Bergamot + Palmarosa

+ Neroli + Holy Basil + Geranium

+ Ylang Ylang + Juniper Needle + Nar Kachur


Biodynamic Co2 Extracts – Organic Oils, Precious Essential Oils

3 Concentrates Hand-blended In England To Combat Seasonal, Hormonal or Dosha Specific Skin Concerns

A base of the finest organic and cold pressed oils are synergistically blended with precious essential oils and rare Co2 extracts. These are the purest, cleanest and kindest way to process botanicals, as the extraction method requires neither heat nor a solvent is free from all heavy metals, microbes and preservatives, delivering highly concentrated actives.

The result is 3 multi-correctional botanical concentrates that are rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants, healing adaptogens, brightening vitamins, replenishing minerals and nourishing fatty acids to penetrate at the deepest layers of facial tissue for beautifully balanced skin.

Superior essential and cold pressed oils have been mindfully selected and synergistically blended to target ‘dosha’ specific and seasonal skin concerns in this new range of Biodynamic Botanical Concentrates.