Herbal Dyed Hand-Loomed Shawls

The Healing Art Of Ayurvastra

Time-Honoured Methods and Artisan Integrity

We have a passion for creating all-natural and organic products rooted in ancient India’s Vedic wisdom. With a respect for nature’s power and an appreciation for genuine quality, we are honoured to bring you the healing art of Ayurvastra with our limited edition of organic, hand-loomed meditation shawls.

Ayurvastra is a 5,000-year-old branch of Ayurveda that harnesses the power of organic yarns dyed with pure medicinal herbs, barks, flowers and oils to gently heal and harmonise the mind and body, as only medicinal plants can. When wearing Ayurvastra dyed yarns against the skin, the body starts absorbing the properties of nature’s botanicals. As the mind quiets during meditation, the body’s ability to benefit fully from the plants properties increases.


Harnessing the healing power of temple-blessed plant dyes and gallnuts – widely prescribed in Ayurveda for their natural anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties. 


An alchemy of eucalyptus to help boost immunity, holy basil to help ease anxiety and edged on one side with temple blessed roses to open the heart to love.


A divine combination of manjistha to purify, holy basil to soothe and edged on one side with temple blessed marigolds to connect to inner knowing.

Value The Past

Appreciate The Present

Envelop yourself in our generous shawl whether travelling or meditating and experience their protective, calming energy.