With the gifting season just around the corner, many of us have started thinking about what to get our loved ones. This year, we aim to gift with intention, with love, and reason. With that being said, here is a list of our top 10 present ideas from Anita, the founder of Mauli Rituals, to give you some much-needed gifting inspiration. 

1. Jewellery By Sophie Theakston 

For our recent Bulgari Diwali party, I gave a 30-year-old satin silk saree a lease of new life with stunning jewellery by Sophie Theakston. Her twist on precious Indian stones has won me over and it will be on my wish list because I’ll wear them endlessly.

Holiday Season gifts

2.  Snack From Heartfull 

I recently discovered Heartfull – they make small batches of sweet and savoury snacks in London. My personal favourites were the masala nuts and the barfi box. A lovely gift I chose for Diwali and will continue to share beyond.

christmas gifts

3. A Getaway To The Lakes

 There is such magic in walking through muddy fields and sitting by a cozy fire. A dear friend gave me two nights at The Lakes recently; it was just the tonic, and I also got to visit the Spa ahead of Mauli’s launch there next Spring.  You can book by the night and it’s well worth it.  I have returned revived and refreshed.

holiday season gifts

4.  Day-To-Evening Glam With Ruby Hammer

I’m heading to New York City shortly for my nephew’s wedding and I like to travel light. Ruby Hammer’s make-up tools are my go-to and I’ll be carrying her magnetic brush set, blusher brush, and lip duo for day-to-evening glam. 

christmas gifts for her

5.  Inspiration Reading With The Goddess Book

I’ll be reading The Way Of The Goddess Book. An invitation to imbue the qualities of Indian goddesses promises to free us from bondage and I can feel it’s written from the heart.

Holiday Season gifts

6. Mauli Rituals Calm Balm

I’ll also carry our Calm Balm to help me relax and reset during our flight. When in New York City, the first port of call will be to meet my grandniece, and of course, I want to be fully calm and present for that precious moment. 

christmas gifts

7.  A Gift To Remember

During the gifting season, sometimes opting for a present that has a sentimental value attached is the best route. For example, I’ll be gifting little Nora one of my daughters’ timeless outfits, brought in Caramel 22 years ago and made to last.  


8. Iconic Clothing From Sabyasachi

I’ll also head to the new Sabyasachi’s New York Store. An incredible artist and if you’re looking for an iconic outfit from a high-profile designer, this is it.

Holiday Season gifts

9. Gifts For Movember

For Movember, I’ll be gifting my nephew our Beard Oil, naturally. It’s a Mauli favourite and is as loved by men, as it is by the women that surround them. 

christmas gifts

10.  Party-Ready With Soho Home

In preparation for the party season, I’ll order a few more Soho Home cut crystal glasses.  They remind me of my father.  He was not a big drinker but appreciated fewer, better things.

christmas gifts
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