Water is extremely important for the human body. Did you know that our blood is made up of 83% water, and our brain contains 74% water too? For our bodies to properly function, we need to ensure that we are getting a healthy amount of water a day. If you are incorporating the Ayurveda system into your daily routine, then there are some rules about water intake that we think you might find interesting. 

Tip 1: Good Quality Water Only

Ayurveda goes beyond being a holistic system, to an all-embracing prescription living well. As a natural system for medicine, it is focused on simple tools for living well, as opposed to unattainable and overly complicated regimes.  Prioritising drinking clean, good-quality water is not only beneficial for your overall complexion, hair, skin, and nails but also directly affects energy levels.

Tip 2:  The Best Way To Drink Water 

Ayurveda stipulates water be consumed in small sips throughout the day, as opposed to gulping gallons at a time.  Water should be consumed at warm or room temperature, as it’s the way in which it is naturally consumed as a liquid and is the most effective at quenching one's thirst.  Finally, drink water from a steel, copper, or clay pot to absorb rich nutrients. 

Tip 3: Sit Down Rather Than Stand

According to Ayurveda practices, it’s always better to drink water whilst sitting down. When standing, you can actually disrupt the balance of fluids you have present in your body. 

Next time you are drinking a glass of water, opt for a sitting position rather than standing. This way, you can relax your nerves and muscles. Not only can this help you with digestion, but also can aid your kidneys in the filtration process.

Tip 4: Know Your Body

Being in tune with your body is essential. In order to drink water the Ayurveda way, learning your body's signals when it comes to thirst is of the utmost importance. 



How much water an individual needs is dependent on many personal factors such as how much exercise they do, their body type, and how active they are. That’s why it’s impossible to give the exact amount of water that one person should be drinking. Moreover, the body can only intake a certain amount of water, and that’s why it’s important to understand what queues the body gives to let you know it’s thirsty. For example, having dry chapped lips is the perfect Indicator that you need to add more water to your diet. 

Tip 5: When Is The Best Time To Drink Water

Drinking water throughout the day is a must, but what is the best time to drink water according to Ayurveda practices? Well, drinking water in the morning is called Ushapan and is known to flush toxins from the body as well as help regulate our intestines. Ayurveda suggests that drinking water in the morning is a must, and will help you see the most benefits. 


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