Mauli Rituals is a skincare brand inspired by the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda. Bittu, alongside his Anita, found Mauli Rituals to create a premium brand that combined the ancient traditions with refined formulas.

Mauli Rituals have a strong range of male grooming products, that will create an internal balance during and after use. Each product is carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients, keeping the tradition of Ayurveda in mind.

Whilst we could talk about the brand all day, we thought it would be good to discuss the brand and the industry with Bittu himself. With the male grooming industry growing at such a rapid rate, it’s great to have an insight from an industry expert.


Tell us about Mauli Rituals. How it began and what it stands for as a brand.

Mauli creates supremely effective natural and organic products for individuals who respect the power of nature and appreciate genuine quality, above hype.

Inspired by the grooming rituals of Ayurveda, Mauli harnesses India’s most rare and opulent ingredients chosen for being high in actives and exquisite in scent, hand-crafted in England with an artisan’s sense of refinement. I had previously been a distributor for high-tech Swiss skincare but was familiar with elementary natural products from India. The Swiss skincare lacked purity, yet was still hundreds of pounds a bottle and the natural products lacked the scent, texture and application I had come to expect but were equally effective. My father is an Ayurvedic doctor from Varanasi (then Benares) University and I’d been using his formulations at home and he helped me distil the synergy that would bring efficacy, purity and purpose to our products. There came a point when I knew we had something worth sharing, so I then went further and worked with aromatherapists, practitioners, chemists, then tested it on friends, created the brand assets and finally picked up the phone to retailers.

Describe Mauli Rituals in 3 words.

Ancient wisdom redefined.

What inspires you to be successful?

I’m not so much inspired to be successful as to lead a inspired life and that means living on my terms. For me that means making choices that do and feel good. It’s really that simple. Mauli allows me the freedom to grow a business in a way that suits my life and it’s a privilege to combine my heritage with modern wellbeing methods. It also means we can give £1.00 from every sale to children’s charities without being beholden, too much, to the bottom line.

Our products appeal to men who appreciate and recognise genuine quality and it hugely satisfying when they come back time and time again for the physical and emotional benefits our products deliver.

We know that Mauli Rituals promotes overall wellbeing, what tips would you give to someone starting on their journey?

Wellbeing has to be a 360 degree approach but it has to be right for your DNA, so firstly, take our Ayurvedic dosha test to establish your physical and emotional blueprint and then you can work with rather than against it. Secondly, let go of extremes and opt for a lifestyle overhaul that’s sustainable. Physical and emotional health are inter-connected, so take a good look at your relationships, triggers, your daily routine and consider what’s not working and what you are willing to change.

We’re so bombarded by choices and it creates a lot of unnecessary noise that stops us living fully, so simplicity is the key to creating positive habits that will stick. As with all things in life, practice the 80/20 rule. During the week, treat food as fuel, not a recreational activity. So wake up and drink 1ltr of water to flush out toxins. Eat a simple breakfast of nuts and yogurt, sprinkled with our organic moringa and ashwaghanda as one boosts brain power and the other boosts stamina. Lunch on raw vegetables and a little protein and a cooked veg and protein for supper. When the weekend comes, just have whatever pleases and enjoy every moment.

The male grooming industry is growing at an incredible rate. What do you think is causing this?

Male grooming might be a relatively recent phenomenon in the West, but for the men of India it’s a tradition that goes back to the mogul era. You’ll find barbers on every street corner from city to village.

The culture is one of prevention rather than to cure and that’s what men are waking up to. As brands like ours emerge from a personal need and desire, men have greater choice and that in turn fuels interest and demand.

What do you think is going to be the next big trend in male grooming?

Fortunately for us, luxury botanical products targeted at specific hair and skincare concerns are a big emerging trend for men and we cater to that with our dosha/dna specific oils and superfoods.

What 3 products can’t you live without and why?

My beard trimmer, Mauli Nourish Beard Oil and an always to lip balm? Because within minutes they help me go from looking like a itinerant yogi to well groomed gentleman within minutes.

If you could pass on one piece of advice to men, what would it be?

Those that matter will want you to do what matters to you, so drop the need to impress and reshape your definition of success.

What’s your favourite product from Mauli Rituals and why?

Grow Strong Hair Oil because it makes a huge difference to the quality of my hair and is part of my daily grooming ritual.

Can you give us any hints on what’s to come from

Mauli Rituals in the future?

We’re launching three new superfoods next month, watch out also for our gorgeous new travel sets and working with experts to finalise a range of spa treatments designed for men.

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