Find out which foods, exercise and products are best suited to you and your body type by identifying what your dominant dosha is and taking control over your health.

what is my dosha/body type? how can I eat for my body type

What is a Dosha?

First you must understand Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a scientific-meets-holistic medical system that originated in India some 5,000 years ago; it is believed to be the oldest surviving complete system of knowledge in the world.

A key aspect of Ayurveda is decoding and then living in harmony with ones constitution/dosha. Dosha is your physical and emotional blueprint along with everything in the Universe which is made up of a combination of the five elemental forces of space, air, fire, water and earth. You may have heard of people being described as flighty, grounded or fiery for instance, which is instinctively describing their energetic/elemental blueprint. There are three main dosha and each is made from a combination of the elements; these being Vata (air/either), Pitta (fire/water) and Kapha(water/earth).

How Does Your Dosha Affect You?

As humans, we need all three energies to produce, metabolise and maintain health. Psychologically, we need the creation of new ideas (vata), the ability to articulate them (pitta) and then the resolve to realise them (kapha). That said most of us will have a main, sub and opposing dosha. Understanding which dosha is your main elemental makeup, can allow you to understand your imbalances in your body, regain control over your physical and mental health and allow you to take the right steps towards reaching harmony in your body.

Learn how to spot the triggers that cause physical and emotional concerns for greater harmony and ease, the Ayurvedic way. Take our quick quiz to discover your ‘dosha' and unlock the path to greater wellbeing.


What is my dosha/body type?

Vata Dosha - Air & Ether

(pron: vat-tah). Your dynamic energy is light, dry, changeable and governs bodily functions associated with movement, including the flow of fluids, of cells, feelings, breath and nerve impulses. Given your elemental make-up, you are an adaptable, creative, imaginative and impulsive person. You relish learning new things, but are not as keen on retaining knowledge and need change. While you need routine, it’s something you struggle with and you are likely to change your plans at the last minute. You work well in short, sharp bursts and your appetite tends to vary, in that you will eat and drink lots and then not at all. You enjoy spending money and lavishing it on others. A natural multi-tasker, when in balance you have an amazing ability to get things done with vision and flair.

Signs of a Vata Dosha imbalance:

An excess of the powerful Vata energy leads to a lack of focus, forgetfulness and dips in energy, which further cause mood swings, anxiety, insomnia and low self-esteem. When the flow of Vata energy is restricted, physically you will experience poor circulation, constipation, headaches, sore throat, cramps, abnormal blood pressure and arthritis. These potential concerns can all be diminished by simply becoming aware of imbalances and the triggers and requires that you work with and not against your unique DNA; which is one that creates magic in the world by bringing its vision alive for all to enjoy and appreciate. 
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Pitta Dosha - Fire & Water

(pron: pit-uh). Pitta energy governs chemical transformations related to digestion, metabolism and assimilation energy on a physical and emotional level. Pittas are focused, intelligent and intense. You are assertive, dominant and unafraid to speak your mind and can rise to any challenge. Dynamic, passionate and ambitious, you are a natural-born leader. Athletic and of medium build and weight, have radiant skin that is commonly freckled or has moles. Your hair tends to be oily at the roots and course at the ends. They have an excellent digestive system, a healthy appetite, strong sex drive and sleep well, in short, sharp bursts. Your strength of character and self-belief are second to none but be aware of keeping these in check or else the price you pay for your perfection can be a heavy one.
Make sure that you are indeed a Pitta dosha, take our Dosha quiz

Signs of a Pitta Dosha imbalance:

An imbalance of Pitta energy can bring out cynicism, jealousy, impatience, anger and dominant nature. Physically an imbalance creates an aversion to heat, which causes sunburn, irritability and excessive perspiration. Other symptoms include rashes, peptide ulcers, heartburn, high blood pressure, stomach acid, insomnia and dry, burning, itchy skin and eyes.
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Kapha Dosha - Earth & Water

(pron: ka-fuh). Your grounded energy is heavy and governs bodily growth associated with fat, tissues, muscles and a healthy immune system. You are loving, compassionate, easygoing, calm and non-judgemental. You appreciate simple pleasures and enjoy an unhurried life. Methodical; you take your time to learn but never forget. Physically you have a strong digestive system, healthy sleep patterns, slightly oily, but radiant skin and thick, lush hair. You speak slowly, thoughtfully and clear. The most balanced of all three dosha, friends and colleagues rely on you as the voice of reason and someone who can bring perspective and calm to any situation.

Signs of a Kapha Dosha Imbalance:

An excess of Kapha energy can manifest in a slower metabolism, which in turn causes weight gain, fluid retention, joint pain and sinus and respiratory issues. Resistant to change, an imbalance will cause you to hold onto past hurts, take words to heart and to get stuck in patterns, relationships and careers that no longer serve you. Fatigue, low energy and lack of motivation are all further signs of imbalance and Kapha's have to be particularly careful of these issues in the colder, winter months. You are the most present and mindful of all the doshas, when in balance, so if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, check-in and adapt your diet and lifestyle to bring you back in sync.

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