We are connected to our external and internal nature on a macro and micro level and the interplay of the elements creates our unique mind and body type. Understanding our dosha, and the best ways to balance our energy is one aspect of the multi-layered, comprehensive healing system that is Ayurveda. In this article, we will be looking at Kapha, and how, if you are predominately ruled by this dosha, you can get a full, rested night’s sleep. 

What is Kapha?

Kapha (pronounced ‘Kuffa’) elemental makeup consists of earth and water. Typically, individuals with a lot of this type of dosha energy are described as caring, strong, and stable. For anyone who resonates with these traits, spring may be their season to thrive, as this is when many parts of nature slowly exit hibernation. Kapha also often holds attributes of being slow, cold, and soft - again, much like the season of spring.  

Understanding Kapha


Being grounded, growth and stamina are also governed by this energy pattern, and thus, when it comes to sleep there is a vital balance that needs to be maintained. 

The Relationship Between Kapha-Types And Sleep

For everyone, rest is an important factor for all aspects of well-being. Sleep is rejuvenating, both for our physical and mental selves. 

Kapha types tend to be heavier sleepers, which are rarely disturbed from a long night of rest. What's interesting about individuals who are dominated by Kapha energy, is that while they may need less sleep then Sleep than Vata and Pitta types, they tend to sleep more. Excessive sleep for this dosha can cause feelings of unbalance, sluggishness, and heaviness, which will flow into the rest of their day. The result could be that they become unmotivated, lethargic, and even irritable. 

A Bedtime Ritual: Put Restlessness To Bed

To keep your Kapha energy balanced, it’s vital that a good nighttime routine is put in place. According to the Ayurvedic clock, waking up with the sun and getting to bed at a reasonable time, between 9 pm and 10 pm is the most beneficial for this energy pattern. 

It’s important that Kaphas wind down in the evening, otherwise restless nights may occur. Before bed, there should be a time period of at least 2 hours between eating your final meal of the day and putting yourself to bed. At this time, we recommend readying your space in a way that is the most relaxing, and comfortable. 

Using a calming pillow spray will invite a calm night of sleep. Our Sleep Dharma Pillow Spray will gently lull you to sleep, offering a comforting cocoon of therapeutic essential oils that will envelop you as you drift off. Also, whilst Kaphas may not have trouble with bad dreams haunting their sleep, our pillow spray will further support a harmonious dream state. Typically for individuals with a predominately Kapha dosha, their dreams will be calmer, more smooth, and usually filled with emotion. 

In the 2 hours before bed, taking a bath is a great way to rebalance your energy. Run a warm bath, sprinkle in some of our Sleep Dharma Himalayan Bath Salts, and let the unwinding begin. As well as being a sleep-inducing blend, our bath salts work to relax the nervous system, release any toxicity you may be experiencing, and calm sore ligaments. 


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