Ayurvedic is the oldest and most comprehensive health care systems in the world. The practice originated in the Indus Valley and its teaching has been used throughout India for over 3,000 years to help  heal and find balance. By following the simple and practical teachings of Ayurveda, we can help maintain balance within mind, body, and spirit.

One of the ways Ayurvedic healing occurs is through engaging marma pressure points within your body. Marma points help to keep and release energy flowing through your body. In this article, we explore what our marma points are as well as how you can locate them to balance emotions.

What Are Marma Points?

In Ayurveda, marma points are areas on your body where energy exists, these are also known as pressure points.

Engaging your marma points in healing rituals can help improve your physical and mental wellbeing and allow your energy to keep flowing as a life force throughout your body without any blockages or barriers.

Stimulating your marma point helps to promote positive change within your body and provides it with the healing it needs. This could be helping to correct an imbalance, release tension from your mind or physically soothing your body. Marma point therapy helps to re-align and centre your physical body, with your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which can create an ecosystem that thrives off of balance and serenity.


The Key Benefits Of Marma Therapy

Physically focusing on your body and the marma pressure points, you are able to ease and work through any tension. Engaging these points is an incredibly powerful way to balance your emotions, focus and centre the mind as well as reduce any daily stresses you may be feeling.

Balance Your Emotions


The essence of Ayurveda centres around  guiding you to feel both balanced and serene in your everyday life. Our newest product to join the Mauli Rituals range, our Calm Balm, is there to help when you need to take these sacred moments to yourself and re-centre. The Calm Balm was made in alignment with your marma points, combining the two will allow you to bring a sense of ease and collective peace into your overall wellbeing.

Our Sleep Dharma Calm Balm is a fusion of the finest adaptogens, and therapeutic oils crafted to calm the nervous system and balance the circadian rhythms. Consisting of ashwagandha, brahmi and chamomile which is combined with a sacred trio of clarifying clary sage, uplifting bergamot, and grounding jasmine. This will support you in times of emotional distress, or when you are in search of that moment of  calm.

Combining marma point therapy and our balm works for when you need to re-align, pause and breathe, aiding in slowing down your thoughts and creating healthy mindful habits.

Use our balm to deepen your yoga and meditation practice, or when you need a helping hand to fend off brain fog, fatigue, and an overactive mind.

An Introduction To Your Marma points

1. Talahidraya

The Talahidaya is at the centre of the palm and affects the energy of the entire body. This marma point engages directly with your overall health and balance.

Your palms can carry a lot of tension which can have a negative impact on the flow of energy within your body. If you are looking for a ritual to release tension, we suggest using a massage oil set, which will relieve any stress or blockages.

2. Kapala

Engage the marma points on the face with the Kapala, which is located in the middle of the forehead at the hairline.

Daily life is bound and dictated by time, this can cause stress and tension which naturally can lead to an emotional imbalance. The Kapala point aids in restoring your sleep, relieving stress, and helping with heightened emotions.

3. Manyamula

The Manyamula is found at the root of the neck, below the place where the ball of the bone protrudes at the base of the skull.

This marma point is powerful and allows for a steady flow of energy within the lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, and cerebral blood. Manyamula aids in not just physical wellbeing but it helps to keep your emotional wellbeing balanced.

4. Vidhur

The Vidhur marma is both below and behind your ears, and is one of the most delicate of the marma points. This area controls our senses, particularly the eyes and vision. Engaging with these points can release stress and tensions, and are thought to bring more clarity and improve overall perception. 

5. Hridaya

This marma point is found in the centre of your chest. This helps to connect you with your heart and the most powerful centre of your being. You can simply hold your palms over this area and deeply inhale and then exhale or massage in circular motions. 

A Calming Ritual: The Centring Ritual

Marma points can help you to reclaim your sense of calm and serenity. Centre your being by clearing any distractions from around you, be at one with yourself and start your marma point therapy.

Massage the calm balm into your skin onto your pressure points, exhaling and inhaling deeply throughout. You can also use a massage body scrub to revive your entire being and feel renewed.

You can do this for five minutes or fifty minutes, take the time that your mind, body, and spirit need to find balance.

Throughout this practice you will notice stress, tension and fatigue will melt away as you re-centre and relax.


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