Are you feeling a sense of isolation? Not an imposed isolation from colleagues, family and friends of the sort we may need to do in the weeks and months to come.  I am referring to the strange feeling of being destabilised, as if without an anchor or roadmap to living.  You are not alone.

The unfolding of coronavirus is evolving and none of us knows what we are moving into, but this lack of connection makes it all the more important we reach out, albeit in a different way.  First and foremost, my thoughts go out to anyone facing complications in their health, be it from the virus or otherwise and I hope you and your family are safe. 

A few of the challenges of this virus are that we are dealing with the unknown, that it’s a worldwide issue and that we are having to adapt to sudden changes moment to moment. While this virus is new, we have all doubtless faced challenges and this is the thing to remember.  At times of challenge, there comes a moment of getting comfortable with the ‘new normal’, if only we surrender to the unknown.

So how do we surrender when feeling stress and knowing that stress depletes immunity, making us more prone to catching a virus?  A shift in prespective is necessary.  Being comfortable with the not-knowing and making what unfolds the new normal calls for deep presence.  To cultivate presence, I suggest topping and tailing the day with the same rituals we have always recommended.  Grounding rituals of giving gratitude, meditation, conscious breathing, yoga, giving yourself a relaxing massage and spending time in nature are all ways to invite calm and surrender. 


What we’ve seen in recent years is nature calling us to pay attention and recognise our oneness.  With that in mind, I’ve listed some of the pure remedies I feel will best serve you to feel better of mind, body and spirit.  It is my deep desire and heartfelt intention that this collection supports you now andalways.

 Wishing you protection, connection and wellbeing,



Ayurveda tips 


To boost immune system
Organic Ashwagandha Booster 
To ease flu-like symptoms
Spirited Kapha Body Oil

To boost energy & lift the spirits
Spirited Kapha Infusion

To protect against free radicals
Agni Radiance Concentrate

To detoxify the body
Healing Himalayan Salts
Anita Kaushal