Modern systems tend to view skin concerns as separate from the body. We visit clinics to zap our spots and as a quick fix, there is merit in that.  Yet, in no time at all the spot returns and we begin a cycle of dependency on things outside of ourselves.  What Ayurveda teaches us is the interconnectedness of our unique eco-system on a macro and micro level.   

Here at Mauli, our mantra is ‘inner beauty rituals for outer radiance’ and with that in mind, we advocate the finest, multi-correctional organic oils and minerals coupled with nature’s storehouse of herbal remedies, meditation, massage and truly getting to know the unique functioning of your body and mind.  Here is our guide to what your skin imbalances are showing you on a deeper level.


face mapping


The Seat of Vata – Anxiety and Fear

The Forehead - The Nervous System

Temples – Colon

Between The Eyebrows - Liver/Spleen

Under The Eyes - Kidneys/Adrenals

Vata skin imbalances generally show up as dry, dehydrated skin.  What this tells us about the internal workings of the body is that it is experiencing high levels of stress, which, in turn, leads to a build-up of toxins, causing constipation, which then shows up as dry, dehydrated skin and emotionally, as stress and anxiety.  So where do you begin to correct cycle of imbalances? 

Firstly, aim to release internal stagnation by drinking warm water and soft, warm, easy to digest nourishing foods, including healthy fats.  Take long baths in mineral-rich salts to release toxins and follow with a slow, soothing full body massage with calming oils.  Finally, cultivate a habit of daily meditation and breathing techniques to help the mind and body to let go.  Make your mantra “In this moment, all is well”.

Mauli Remedies:

For Body & Mind – Begin a 30-day ritual with our Vata Balancing Wellness Kit

For Nourished, Soft Skin – Begin using our Vayu Age-Defying Concentrate


The Seat of Pitta – Stress and Anger

Nose - Heart

Outer Corners of The Nose - Sinuses

Cheeks – Respiratory Tract and Small Intestine

Center of Upper Lip - Circulation

Pitta Skin imbalances tend to show up as breakouts, redness, rashes and pigmentation.  Physically and emotionally these are signs of putting undue pressure on yourself in a bid for perfection and greater achievement. This results in heartburn, palpitations, food sensitives, irregular cycles, inflammation and ulcers.  Your skin is giving you a loud and clear signal to slow down and be kind to yourself.  Opt for cooling foods, cold showers, massage with a calming oil, take up gardening to connect to nature and try a relaxing Yoga Nidra to soothe the senses.  Make your mantra ‘I am enough’.

Mauli Remedies:

For Serenity of Body and Mind – begin a 30-day ritual with our Pitta Balancing Wellness Kit

For soothed, flawless skin – begin using our Agni Radiance Concentrate


The Seat Of Kapha – Grief and Depression

Chin - Reproductive Organs

Corners of Mouth - Metabolism

Lower Cheeks - Lungs

Jawline – Stomach

Breakouts around the chin and jawline are generally an indication of a diet lacking in nutrients and of weakened lungs, which is emotionally connected to unresolved grief.  This is something we are seeing as a collective at this moment in time. Holding on leads to sadness and lethargy.  When you notice acne, see it as a sign to get moving, be it walking or energising sun salutations.  Drink plenty of warm water and opt for a little spice in your food to wake up the metabolism.  Limit dairy consumption and sweet foods, as the former causes a build-up of mucus and the latter causes too many highs and lows.  Make your mantra “I let go”.

Mauli Remedies:

Try our Kapha Wellness Set

For clear, balanced skin try our whisper-light Prithvi Clarifying concentrate for when Kapha imbalances appear and skin is over-reactive or hormonal.


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