We conceived Mauli for many reasons and one being a desire to share and keep the thread of our rich heritage alive. Another being to raise money for children’s charities and finally, we wanted to support individuals to experience true wellbeing. At the most challenging time of my life, I paid little attention to my physical and emotional wellbeing, as I thought it indulgent and yet this could not have been further from the truth. This lack of self-care left me feeling depleted, disconnected and unable to fully support the ones I loved. I have since learnt that the authentic way to give to others is to be fully present and show kindness to ourselves first. We can do this in many ways. Tuning into what our mind and body needs, eating nourishing, seasonal foods, walking in nature, exercising, meditating and through a daily practice of self care rituals. The journey of growing Mauli has magnified my need to have balance in all things and while I too have days or being neglectful of my needs, my Sunday Sessions are sacred and an opportunity to tune in and reset for the week ahead. 


Thank you to SpaceNK for giving Mauli a home in their beautiful stores and for this interview where I share my my Sunday Sessions and I hope it reminds you to make the most of yours. 


With love 
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Mauli Rituals