As fixer to the stars, Erin Knowles has an enviable black book of A-list celebs, but at the high of her career, she decided to change direction and with that Island Retreats was born. 

Erin’s retreats are hosted in luxury villas set by the sea and designed in collaboration of the most respected names in wellbeing, across yoga, bodywork, breathwork and beauty.

Beyond the therapies are outdoor hikes, kayaking, star gazing, delicious healthy food and not forgetting time to relax by the pool. Perfect with those wanted to reconnect with their physical and emotional wellbeing, the next retreat runs from June 24th to July 1st. 

Here Erin shares her journey to living a more meaningful life and creating Island Retreats.  

What inspired me to start my Island Retreat was that I decided to make my passion (wellbeing) into my work. I was working in concierge for a long time, I’m a creative problem solver so it gave me something but not enough. 

My interest in yoga and wellbeing came when I got sick with pneumonia when I was 28 and I became present to our holistic nature and how fragile we are. I started practising yoga in my bedroom.

My Dosha is Vata

My secret Ibiza hideaway is the daybeds by the small pool at Atzaro - I love to lie there with a book. I want to build a shed in the forest next to our house where I can put all my books and a comfy sofa.

I manage stress by meditating when I wake and when I go to bed, trying to take small breaks through the day to focus on my breath, doing headstands and practising yoga.

My cherished daily rituals are the above as well as hot water and lemon followed by a banana smoothie, dry bodying brushing and coconut oil massage before my shower, an afternoon walk with my son and our dog in the forest, baths most nights with Mauli Himalayan salts or magnesium.

I feel beautiful when I have a good nights sleep and the sun on my skin.

Three of the books that made a big impression on me are The God of Small Things, To Kill a Mockingbird, The House of the Spirits

My perfect day is a lie in with tea in bed, pancakes, time on the beach with my husband and son, a massage, a seafood lunch, a bath, candlelight and music.

The best advice I've been given is "Put some lipstick on darling" (My Mum’s advice to anyone who’s having a bad day - I look terrible in lipstick!) 

Success is happiness

Your life mantra is “BE GRATEFUL”

Alex Silvain