Holi is celebrated on the last day of winter to welcome in the warmer weather and good times. It is a time of love, gratitude and celebration. The Holi festival is known for its fun, vibrant colours and electric atmosphere. However, you need to prepare for it, people stock up on sweets, coloured powder and even water pistols. 

At Mauli Rituals, Holi is a time of joy and abundance and we want to make preparing for it simple and easy so you can have as much fun as possible. In this article, we will show you the 6 steps you can follow to be prepared for Holi Festival along with a recipe for coloured powder and everything else you will need to celebrate.

What Does The Holi Festival Celebrate?

Holi, also known as the festival of colours, represents waving a farewell to the colder months and embracing the arrival of spring. It is a fun and colourful way to celebrate the blossoming of new beginnings. The festival originates from the Northern regions of India and has both religious and cultural aspects to it.

Despite all the fun and colour, holi is a religious and sacred Hindu holiday and is a day to see friends and family. But it is also a day to celebrate, dance, sing, be happy and have fun with coloured powder!

 How to Prepare For Holi Festival

Top Tips On How To Prepare For The Holi Festival

The Holi festival is rooted in religion, it has become a part of the culture with people travelling from all over the world to be part of the festivities. 

Preparation is key when it comes to making the most of the Holi festival. Here are our tips on how you can be prepared for the festival of colours:

1. Find A Local Event

The Holi festival can be a massive event - think big crowds, music, dancing and plenty of joyful spirits. During the Holi Festival, in some countries, people dance through the streets and throw coloured dye at one another, making the town bright and full of beauty.

In order to celebrate in style, look for local events in your area. From the colour throwing parties inspired by Bollywood, and Indian supper clubs, there should be plenty to do in your local spot to ring in spring.

2. Get Together With Family & Friends

Around the world, crowds come together to celebrate the Holi festival, also known as the Festival Of Colours. This event is all about bringing together your friends, family, and strangers alike to welcome the arrival of spring. 

3. Prepare Sweet Treats To Share

Any Indian holiday is incomplete without an array of great company and even better food. The favoured sweet to have for the Holi festival is called 'Gujiya.' If you don’t have the time to make your own then sweet vendors and shops will make and sell it. 

Preparing For Holi Festival

4. Wear Worn Out Whites

The festival of colours is just that - full of colour. The best thing to do is find yourself some worn out white clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and stained and have some fun. 


5. Make Your Own Non Toxic Coloured Powder

When preparing for the Holi festival, you may be concerned about the coloured powder that is being used and how this may affect your skin. We have come up with an all natural solution to this! Discover our eco friendly holi powder recipe:

To start, gather the fruits and vegetables you want to use to get the colours you want. Then measure a cup of freeze dried fruit or vegetables and pop them into a blender or coffee grinder and pulse until you are left with a fine powder. 

Here are the fruits you can use to achieve your desired colour:

  • Pink- strawberries and raspberries
  • Red-betreet and tomatoes
  • Orange-carrots and sweet potato
  • Yellow-pineapple
  • Green-matcha and spinach
  • Blue-red cabbage and baking soda mixed together
  • Purple-blueberries and purple sweet potato
  • Brown-coffee and cocoa 

6. Don't Forget Your Water Pistol!

Last but not least, remember your water pistol, or if you don't have one, carry a bottle of water. It makes for a whole load of fun and makes the colours vibrant and mix together. 



James Oakley