In Ayurveda, there are three doshas that people tend to identify with depending on their physical, mental, and emotional characteristics and these are known as the Vata, the Pitta, and Kapha.

At Mauli Rituals, we know that your dosha can have a massive impact on life, love and happiness. The best part is love in ayurveda is a great way to find out about yourself and your partner, you can find what works and what does not work for you all through learning about your dosha and what this means within your relationship. In this article, we will show you what to expect when you are dating specific doshas and our top ayurveda love tips for a great and healthy relationship. 

Remember opposites do attract and every relationship needs communication and time to flourish. So, why not give our quiz a go and find out your dosha?

What To Expect When You Are Dating A Particular Dosha

When it comes to each dosha it can be helpful and even beneficial to the relationship to learn about their specific one and how this pairs with their characteristics and personality. 

This information is key to knowing how to love your dosha but also knowing how they show love, after all, knowledge is power and this can help you to be patient and empathetic. 

Dating A Vata Dosha

When it comes to going out with a Vata, then one thing's for certain, you will always be having fun and never bored. They are spontaneous and creative by nature, love having fun and are always ready to go with the flow on the way to their next adventure. However, Vata’s have a tendency to lack consistency and being on the go can mean that they are volatile and like the wind. 

But if you are always up for fun and adventure then choosing a Vata to be your partner is a great idea. They are always up for interesting and engaging activities and conversations but one of their vital flaws is their inconsistent behaviour.

Dating A Pitta Dosha

Dating a Pitta is the complete opposite of a Vata. Pittas thrive off of routine, punctuality, and predictability. When they have something to say it is well thought out and clear but they tend to have strong opinions. 

Pitta’s are intelligent, witty and passionate. If you are looking for a partner who will sit with you to watch a movie and eat a whole bar of chocolate as well as a partner who will keep the fire burning and the spark alive then you want a Pitta in your life. 

Dating A Kapha Dosha

The best way to describe dating a Kapha is by going out with a warm cup of hot chocolate. They are always there to cheer you up, give you a hug and listen to anything that you have to say. They are dependable and will be the unwavering shoulder to lean on in times of uncertainty and you will find their honesty refreshing as it always comes from a place of sincerity. If you are looking to date a reliable, strong and committed person then look no further than a Kapha. 

Our Top Ayurvedic Love Tips For Healthier Relationships

Like any relationship, they will ebb and flow with highs and lows. It is normal to face challenges and to have times when your relationship needs more attention than usual. However, here are our top tips to implement into your relationship to optimise your happiness and wellbeing:

Relax Together 

Rest can be hard to fit in when you are busy with work, chores etc but when you find that the relationship starts to feel difficult or more challenging, this is the time to take a step back and observe how often you and your partner get to rest. When you are feeling your best and rejuvenated then you will have more patience and understanding towards your partner and you will feel more balanced. 

Give Each Other The Gift Of Some TLC

After a long day at work, sometimes all you want is to be looked after. Finding your partner has cooked a hot meal for you and is waiting to hear all about your day can be heartwarming and help you to feel connected to one another. 

It is important to take care of one another, this could be running a hot bath or cleaning the house and lighting candles to make you feel warm and cosy. It is finding what makes one another feel thought of and looked after.

The Greatest Gift Of All Is Undisturbed Time Together 

We are all glued to devices whether this is at work on a computer, on a phone or watching the tv. But prioritise time together where you switch off any devices and spend quality time together. Make sure to plan date nights so you both can be free and have something to look forward to together. 

Thoughtful Ayurvedic Gifts

Let your partner know how much they mean to you, this could be expressing your feelings and telling them what you love, it could be a bunch of flowers or a gift specifically for them. The perfect Vata gift is a soothing herbal tea to help balance their energy. Whereas the ideal Pitta gift is a soothing body oil to help pacify their mood. The same goes for the best Kapha gift, it is about allowing them to relax and they can do this as they inhale the aromas from the body oil

Anita Kaushal