The festive season can be full of fun, and love but also, many of us experience a great deal of overwhelm during this period. Whilst seeing our friends and family is joyous, it can often take us away from our daily routines, and demand a lot from us socially. To truly feel your best this Christmas, the team here at Mauli Rituals have put together a list of our four favourite mudras to help you combat the feeling of worry and anxiety.

1. Hakini Mudra

Firstly, we have the Hakini Mudra. To practise this gesture, bring your palms to your face with one a few inches apart. Then, simply bring your fingertips and thumbs on both hands together, always allowing them to maintain contact with one another. Your hands can then be brought to the same level as your third-eye chakra, which is positioned in the centre of your forehead. 

This exercise is known to enhance your memory, clear your thinking, and harmonise any racing thoughts you may be having. It does this by sending all the energy to your third eye chakra. The main purpose of our third eye is pattern recognition which is regularly called the ‘seeing’ chakra. It gives us the ability to see more, and form things around us from a distance. In times of stress or anxiety, this becomes even more important, as being able to perceive problems in a more clear light takes away the feeling of the unknown. 

2. Chin Mudra

Another highly effective exercise is the Chin Mudra. To have a go at home, find a calming space, and sit down. Rest your hands on top of your thighs, and with your palms open, tuck the tip of your index finger under the tip of your thumb. Keep the remaining three fingers extended out. Then, relax the back of the hands on top of the thighs, and have the palms facing upwards.

This pose can increase your overall concentration, which in turn, can allow you to break away from any external distractions, and calm frustrations. During the festive season, we can find that spending time with family and friends, and often not having a break between social commitments can mean that we get burnt out, or experience low energy. This can lead us to feel frustrated, and quick to anger. A simple, yet effective pose such as the Chin Murda can allow us to slow down, take time away from the crowds, and centre ourselves.

3. Dhyana Mudra

The Dhyana Mudra is perfect for on the go and can be practised even if you are spending Christmas away from home. Firstly, rest your hand upturned at your navel, with your right hand on top. Then, bring your thumbs together to touch at the tips - this should form a triangle shape. 

This will help you enhance your mindfulness and general concentration. If you are feeling high levels of stress, and need a moment to reclaim your calm, then this pose could be the one for you. Dhyana Mudra allows you to balance both the right and left sides of your body, as well as quietening the mind - perfect for any festive season stress you may be feeling. 

4. Vitarka Mudra

Remaining cool, calm, and collected during this busy period can be easier said than done. However, incorporating the Vitarka Mudra into your daily routine in the run-up to Christmas can give you the necessary tools you need to enjoy this festive season.

The Vitarka Mudra is another important mind meditation practice that is useful when it comes to soothing the brain. To do this pose, join the tips of the thumb and the index finger together whilst keeping the other ones straight. This is similar to Abhaya and Varada mudras, however, the key difference is to have the thumbs touching with the index fingers.

James Oakley