The festive season is here, which means that gifting-giving is on everyone’s mind. For many, buying presents for loved ones is fun, and a great way to show appreciation for everything they have done throughout the year. However, there are many ways that you can embrace this thoughtful gesture of ‘giving’, without breaking the bank, and in a much more low-impact and meaningful way.

What is Conscious Gift Giving?

Conscious gift-giving is as it sounds - giving presents consciously. Instead of filling up your loved ones' lives with unnecessary things, or chasing the newest trends, conscious gifting focuses on meaningful spending. Whether that’s thinking outside of the box, getting a non-physical gift, or generally just putting more thought into a present - conscious gifting supports causes you and your gift recipients to care about the most. 

1. Support A Small Business

One of the main ways you can give gifts consciously this year is to shop small. Focus on the stores near you, and online, that are smaller in numbers, and more ethical in their practices. It’s easy to get your Christmas presents on the bigger websites, but by taking the time to shop around, you can reap the benefits of buying small

Whilst also encouraging more conscious gifting, supporting a small business is also much better for the planet. Products are a lot less likely to be mass-produced, and therefore, create much less waste. Gift with the planet, and your loved ones in mind this Christmas. 

2. Wellbeing Experience Gifts

Another way to think consciously this year about the presents under the tree would be considering the wellbeing of your gift recipient. For many, wellbeing, and reconnecting with ourselves can be at the bottom of our priority list - and that’s why, purchasing an escape or something in the wellness category for your loved one this year could be an essential present. Why not treat them to a yoga subscription? Or even, a get-away where they can leave their phones or laptops at home and fully unplug from the outside world? 

3. A Simple Gift Voucher

Whilst a gift voucher might seem an easy present this year, sometimes, it is the most thoughtful. A gift voucher allows someone to buy themselves something they have been thinking about, something that will impact their everyday life in their own, personal way. If you want to make this a more conscious gift, we suggest looking into a wellness option. Nothing says ‘have a good start to your year’, like helping a loved one with their wellness journey. Delight and surprise your friends and family with a thoughtful gift that will better their health, and give them a helping hand into 2023.

4. Being Present Over The Festive Season

It’s not always about what's under the tree - it can also be about the atmosphere and what you are planning on bringing with you into next year. Sometimes, it’s not about the presents, it's about family, friends and being present. The festive season can come with a lot of stress. There are a lot of social obligations and preparation that come with this joyous time. We often forget to take care of ourselves, and what is most important about this time - is being with loved ones. This year, as well as thinking about conscious gifting, remember to be present over the festive season.

James Oakley