As the year comes to a close, there is comfort in reflection. It’s all too easy to think about all that could have been better but what of our successes? My Growth Expert on the Goldman Sachs programme, Penny Tunnell, kindly sent these questions as cues to think about the year that’s been. I found it deeply insightful so though I would share it with you.

  • What was your biggest triumph in 2023?
  • What was the wisest decision you made?
  • What was the greatest lesson you learned?
  • What was the most loving service you performed?
  • What is your biggest piece of unfinished business still sitting there?
  • What are you most happy about completing?
  • What was the biggest risk you’ve taken?
  • What was the biggest surprise?
  • What important relationship improved?
  • What compliment would you have liked to be given?
  • Where do you most want to shift energy and focus in 2024?
  • What good practice do you want to develop in 2024?
  • What unhelpful practice do you want to stop in 2024?
  • What one or two words best sums up and describes 2023 for you?
  • In 12 months, looking back on 2024, what do you most want to be able to say about the year?
Indre Velaviciute