Getting a massage is one of life's most pleasurable experiences. It sends welcomed chills down your spine, allows you to deeply relax both physically, spiritually and mentally, and leaves you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. 

ayurvedic massage

What is Ayurveda Massage?

The term ‘massage’ covers a broad spectrum of techniques, so let's get a little more specific. There is sports massages (painful, but in a good way!), deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and our particular favourite... Ayurvedic massage aka Abhyanga massage. 

Ayurvedic massage utilises the powerful benefits of oils and long firm strokes to aid the release of muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, deep relaxation, increased circulation and more nourished skin… from head to toe. Think of it like a facial massage, just for your whole body. In India the notion of Ayurvedic massage centralises on the idea of self-care and relaxation. For this reason, and depending on your skin type, Ayurveda recommends receiving abhyanga massage between once a day to once a week. What more of an excuse do you need to squeeze in a bit of extra self love to your routine?

So, what makes Ayurvedic massage any different from the other forms of massage?

Ayurvedic massage is unique in its practice thanks to the emphasis on the heavy use of essential oils and focus on specific energy points in the body. Whereas Swedish Massage is more focused on the physical self, working kinks out of your muscles, Ayurvedic massage works on manipulating your energy fields to free you of stressors and emotional burdens.

How to Give an Ayurveda Massage

Whether it is for yourself or another person, the art of giving and receiving an Ayurveda massage is a beautifully calming and serene experience. Getting a professional massage is not always something you can easily fit into your schedule, and can oftentimes be rather costly. That is why here at Mauli we have created professional products to bring you the luxury experience of a spa to your very own home. 

ayurvedic massage oil

We know that everyone is unique and has slightly different needs, which is why we have created our uniquely blended Massage Oils. Our Spirited Kapha Body Oil is formulated for those Kaphas who are slightly oiler, our Serenity Pitta Body Oil is for those who have an enigmatic combination of fire and water, usually displaying itself as combination skin and lastly our Surrender Vata Body Oil created for Vata dosha types who typically experience dry skin. These comforting blends are designed to balance your dosha energies, to aid deep relaxation and a restful nights sleep. 

To recreate our spa experience at home, start by warming the bottle between your hands. To start your Ayurvedic massage, begin at your feet and slowly work upwards, towards your core, arms and shoulders. As your skin warms the oils, gently massage your neck and ears, followed by your limbs using long strokes and circular clockwise motions. Continue this relaxing process for 5-15 minutes, allowing 20 minutes afterwards for the powerful oils to penetrate your skin before finishing with a warm bath. Your will find yourself glowing from the inside out, ready to drift off into the deepest of slumbers. 

For a complete relaxation ritual, we also recommend using our Anti-ageing Skin Massage Tool in your Ayurvedic massage. Hand crafted by artisans, this beautifully moulded seamless dome has a polished wood base rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom. Using similarly circular motions, this beautiful facial tool will soothe the skin, gently lifting and sculpting your face, while activating marma points and releasing stagnant energy. For 3-5 minutes, run this tool across your face and neck area, giving more attention where it feels right to remedy skin that feels puffy and dehydrated.
James Oakley