Anxiety is more than just a feeling or an emotion, it is a physical response that can not only control our mind, spirit and body, but it can dictate our lives, the choices we make and our overall health and wellbeing. With our lives on what feels like a steep incline, anxiety is unfortunately a dominating aspect of many of our daily routines. 

Technologies such as hand-free speakers, 5G and emails integrated with mobile phones are designed in their nature to make our lives easier, but it has done quite the opposite. Without ever being able to switch off, and with everyone allowed access to us at all times during the day, levels of stress and anxiety are sharply increasing. This is why here at Mauli we are strong believers in the power of a deep breath, mindful thinking and the importance of purifying your body from toxins and impurities to bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance. 

What is Ayurvedic Tea?

Ayurvedic tea, also commonly known as ‘stress free tea’ is a herbal infusion served as part of Ayurvedic medicine. Coming in three forms, Kapha tea, Pitta tea and Vata tea each work in a unique way to balance the Doshas in your body with the goal of achieving vitality, wellness, health and a sense of calm. 

Our Serenity Pitta Tea Infusion is a beautiful example of the power of ayurvedic tea infusions. This cooling blend can be infused to create a delicate tea that balances the Dosha Pitta energies that govern your body's biochemical changes. Combining Nanamint leaves, Peppermint leaves, Orange peels, Roasted Chicory Root, Ginger, Dwarf Everlast Blossoms and Cactus Blossoms, this caffeine-free ayurvedic tea will bring you a sense of serenity. The beautiful side effects include alleviating emotional outbursts, reducing hyperacidity, improving skin health and purifying the blood. 

ayurveda for anxiety

Ayurveda for Anxiety

Another simple way to incorporate Ayurveda into your everyday life to combat the damaging effects of anxiety and stress is through our Transform & Transcend Plant Alchemy and Strength & Spirit Alchemy....

Our Transform & Transcend Plant Alchemy is a Pitta balancing ayurvedic blend that helps to calm the hearts and minds of individuals who put too much pressure on themselves. When your Pitta energy is balanced you feel strong, driven and capable. However this can often lead to internal undue pressure that can leave you expressing your emotions in outbursts of anger, experiencing heartburn, inflamed skin or even fertility issues. To bring your Pitta back into balance we have created a unique blend that is rich in antioxidant rich amla, strengthening shatavari, heart-healthy arjuna and soothing sandalwood. 

To benefit from the calming and anxiety relieving properties of this Pitta blend, simply sprinkle a teaspoon on a warm drink, morning smoothing, cereal or salad. You will feel your stress levels decreasing and your heart opening, filled with love and compassion for yourself and others. 

ayurvedic tea

Our Strength & Spirit Alchemy is a Kapha balancing ayurvedic blend. When your Kapha is out of balance, it can manifest itself in feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and lack of motivation as well as feeling physically and emotionally depleted. To help you balance your Kapha we have created a unique blend with all natural ingredients to bring a sense of calm into your day. Our Strength & Spirit Alchemy is created with fortifying ashwagandha, antioxidant-rich turmeric, nutrient-dense moringa, detoxifying manjishtha and digestion soothing nagarmotha. This potent antioxidant will help you to ease feelings of sadness, anxiety and stress. Simply sprinkle a teaspoon onto your warm drink, morning smoothing, cereal or salad.

ayurveda for anxiety

James Oakley