Anita Kaushal - Sheerluxe - Ralph Lauren

"Feeling comfortable in my own skin makes me feel my best on an important day; beyond that, it’s being well groomed, so good hair, skin and nails. Workwear really does impact how you carry yourself – there are times when it’s important to bring your A-game, and these clothes are ideal for that" - Anita Kaushal. 

Anita Kaushal wearing Ralph Lauren for Sheer Luxe
Thank you Sheer Luxe for inviting our very own Anita to shoot the latest Ralf Lauren Spring/Summer collection at All Bright. It was a pleasure to appear in the company of the other wonderful women and an exceptional team.  Here’s the video of beautiful Anita demonstrating Ralph Lauren elegant and feminine workwear combos for the spring season.  


Anita's interview with Sheer Luxe


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