When  Covid-19 was beginning to change our world, Anita was asked by Beauty Bible to write down her wellbeing secrets, during these times of uncertainty and fear. Anita sees this 'pause on the world as a chance to take some time out for self care, to be grateful for more time with our loved ones and to cultivate living in the present by topping and tailing the days with simple rituals that help us feel engaged, inspired and connected.’

Here are her seven secrets to wellbeing

Meditation and gratitude journaling are the bookends to my days. I wake before my husband and son, then make myself a mug of hot water with lemon. Our dog Star heads to the garden with me where he jumps around like a bunny and I stand still, breathing in the air and taking in the beautiful green trees. Then we head to my meditation room, where I begin by tuning in to be guided to an answer to something I pondered the night before. Many of us react immediately so never wait for guidance, often because we fear pain and will numb it out at all costs.  Simply waiting and allowing the answer to come is a far better option. I thank the universal energy for giving me the answer, write my gratitude list and intentions for my day and then move into sweet silence. Remember though that not everyone will take to the same form of meditation; try different methods till you find the one that feels right for you.

Playing and being creative is key. As children we play naturally, but as adults we can take life too seriously. Whether I’m absorbed testing new blends at work or writing a blog at work, or I’m cooking and gardening at home, all these are elements of play and creativity.  I switch off my phone and I’m completely in the present moment. Other things that make me feel alive are dancing, singing or watching a comedy act that makes me laugh out loud.  If you’ve lost touch with the part of yourself that knows how to play, think about what you most enjoyed in your day – there’s probably a creative, playful element to it, so do more of that.

Massage with oil is essential for physical and emotional wellbeing.  My grandmother was a midwife and herbalist who taught the women in her village to massage babies to build strong bones, a healthy mind, excellent circulation and trust. My 82-year-old mother has the most amazing skin and all she ever used in her beauty ritual was oil and fresh roses, picked from the garden by my father, which she made into perfume. I recommend choosing a body oil that helps balance your dosha (the Ayurvedic term for your type of mind/body constitution) At Mauli Rituals, we have created specific blends to support your energy and hormonal balance. Warm the bottle between your hands and massage a little oil onto skin. Start from the feet and work up and inwards towards the middle, then move to arms and shoulders, using long strokes. Massage chest and middle using circular motions in a clockwise direction. Don't forget the back of your neck and your ears, also your scalp. If you are short of time, just massage your feet at night to stimulate the energy points throughout the body.

Supporting immunity is vital.  When we feel depleted and a little low, as many people do now, we are more prone to the toxins around us. As I said, I start the day with warm water and lemon, then with fresh ginger later in the day. I also like to sip water with a splash of aloe vera juice.  I avoid dairy foods as much as possible as this causes a build-up of mucus, also cold, heavy meats as that adds to feelings of lethargy.  I gargle daily with oil or, to support immunity, with warm water mixed with a spoon or organic triphala, which is the fruit of three berries. Bathing in Himalayan healing salts helps replenish lost minerals. I like to drink warm almond milk mixed with a spoon of organic ashwaghanda, an adaptogenic herb.  I try to switch off my phone well before bedtime, avoid the late news and get plenty of sleep.


Treat food as medicine. Our body is like the fuel tank in a car; we spend years and years wearing it down until one day, it refuses to go. Put the right food into your body and it won’t let you down. I grew up with parents who practised intermittent fasting and also cooked fresh foods daily. My wellbeing tip here is, as with all things in life, follow the 80/20 rule. You don’t have to be a saint, but eat seasonal, local and organic most of the time and then occasionally indulge in a little treat. 

Transmit love and understanding. We are all connected. If you can consciously come into a room with the intention of love and understanding, this energy will radiate right back at you. This may be challenging in times of isolation, where you’re unable to see others and connection has to come in the form of emails, texts and telephone calls but it’s still the same thing. Take a deep breath and before you send an email, ask yourself how you want the email to make someone feel - what energy you’re wishing to give and receive. Smile and get on with connecting - the energy of your community is more important than ever right now. You can say a lot without saying much at all – intention and energy are everything and to be conscious of this as you go about your day brings gifts of love and kindness, no matter what the situation or circumstances.

Find the gift in every situation. Even the worst times bring out the best in us. We need to focus on that best side and on the collective healing of our planet and its people, and to find the gift in having to be at home. When I was overwhelmed with the commute and with digital overload, I longed for quiet days spend with just the sound of birds singing. We all have that opportunity now, and the space to love our families and hold them tight. I’m using this time to finally start working on the book that’s been calling me for years, I will use this time to deepen my knowledge of Ayurveda, to support my son through his GCSE’s and to be with Bittu, as his wife and not his business partner. Find the gift and let go. 

Cherish and honour your sacredness. All the wellness secrets are fundamentally connected to honouring your sacredness. At most challenging times of my life I paid little attention to my physical and emotional wellbeing. I wanted to be there for those around me but was falling apart. What I realised is that the authentic way to give to others is to first give to ourselves. This body that houses our eternal soul is so very precious. We need to honour and cherish it. That means being kind to yourself, using the purest products and eating organic food, surrounding yourself with people and things that lift you higher, and only subscribing to digital apps that do the same.


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Anita Kaushal