We recently had the privilege to speak to London based, yoga power couple, Mandy and Nick. This couple has inspired us with their amazing stories, their strong work ethic and empowering businesses, all the while raising a new baby in the big city.

One half of Hotpod Yoga's founding duo, Nick's been teaching yoga for 6 years and has lead workshops worldwide with a particular focus on assists, adjustments and teaching style. Mandy's journey into yoga began in 2010 in Asia. She was first attracted by the physical aspect of yoga. Continuing her practice, she quickly discovered its joy and benefits both on her body and on her mind using mindful movement, breath and awareness. Mandy teaches yoga across London and has recently become a mum takes care of their daughter Indira. This beautiful couple is living example of how you can take old yoga and Ayurveda principles and live with them in western society. 

nick and mandy talk hot pod yoga and meditation with ayurveda brand mauli


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Here, Nick and Mandy share how their Sacred Union with each other has been strengthened over the years through rituals and yoga.

1. Our interest in yoga and wellbeing came when…

Nick: In 2009 I was looking for something to help me with my back, joints and discomfort in the bod.! After trying numerous different styles I eventually fell in love with hot yoga due to how amazing it made me feel, physically and mentally.
Mandy: In 2010 when I tried an Ashtanga class in Thailand - and was completely hooked from that moment on.

2. Do you have a yoga, meditation or Ayurvedic or just wellbeing ritual you share together?

Nick: My morning rituals that I draw from Ayurveda are such elements as warm cinnamon tea, tongue scraping and oils to awake the senses. I meditate and visualise from 5 - 20 minutes in the morning - depending on how much time I have.
Mandy: Currently having a baby has thrown off my morning routines, so I'm reestablishing my meditation practice. However, using your products each morning to awaken my senses.
Finally moving is key for me to make me feel my best, and that encompasses Calisthenics and yoga if I am at home, or an early morning class somewhere. 

3. What inspired you to start Hotpod?

Nick: After some years of practice and teaching I managed to draw my old friend Max (co-founder) into trying yoga too.  Both he and I initially had preconceptions over what we thought yoga to be - (you had to be very bendy, female etc) - we realised that this is what most of our peers even the general thought was/is. This is what we set out to change with Hotpod Yoga to reach out to those not yet touched by Yogas amazing benefits. We created the pods to create an atmosphere that allowed students to feel completely at ease - dark and low lighting along with using heat to help the body ease into the poses whilst it also dials up the feeling of release that you get from both heat and yoga.
From a teaching perspective, we focus on making it clear and easy to understand, so all newbies know exactly what is happening and why.
hot pod yoga nick talks to mauli rituals about yoga and ayurveda

4. You manage a busy working schedule and make room/time for relationship by

Nick and Mandy: Now having a baby, its ensuring that I'm back home for bath time, and now weekends are for the family!


5. What are both of your dominant Dosha? 

Nick: Kapha Pitta
Mandy: Vata Pitta


6. Do you feel they are complementary and how?

Nick: Naturally I'm relatively Kapha, and need to ensure I maintain the fire element to build the energy. Mandy's energy is great at balancing mine

7. Do you share a Mauli product?

Nick and Mandy - we are both obsessed with your products. Nick currently uses your amazing beard oil and hair oil. We share your shampoos, conditioners and body wash. Mandy has your dosha oil set too, along with your body scrub…...so basically we use everything, its the best ever.

8. How does Ayurveda fit into your day-to-day routines?

Nick: I've read rather a lot into the different practices in Ayurveda, so love deepening my knowledge in the area. I've adopted numerous of the elements into my day to day routine, however, I know I could be doing more. I'm pretty obsessed with exploring how to feel/be at my best from a holistic route, from food to herbs, to supplements and routines - it's a wonderful lifestyle that I will always continue to try and tweak.
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