As many stay at home and embrace the slowing down of our worlds, many are sharing ideas through social media and blogs on how to stay productive, healthy and in high spirits. Through this we are all coming together, sharing and connecting, which has been a highlight through this all. 

Here our divine Friend Jasmine Hemsley shares her favourites that have been getting her through lockdown...

"So I took a week off during lockdown — an absolute luxury which was also well timed. With the majority of work events cancelled for the foreseeable future, my thinking was if I’m going to step away from the show then there’s no time like the present! Nick and I needed it after, like everyone else, adapting mentally, emotionally and operationally to a new way of living and working (even though so much of it was similar to how Nick and I normally live and work!!!).

Here are some of the things that I’ve been into lately other than the knitting and the gardening that you might have seen on the ‘gram... OK, I still might talk about the knitting and the gardening, but I do have other stuff in my life too! Here’s what's been catching my eye, keeping me afloat and even floating my boat of late."

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Annabelle Hookway-Jones