Having over-consumed in December, it's inevitable we welcome in a new cycle of change. The issue is not change, but the belief that a slimmer waist, a new job, partner or those designer shoes, will lead to eternal happiness. Achieving does bring its own reward, but those that set and successfully reach their goals in January and indeed, throughout the year, have one thing in common.  Contentment, growth and positive change comes to those who first connect to the power of their SACREDNESS. 

Yes, easier said than done and that is why, we encourage you to put all other goals aside and focus on accessing the immense power within. We medicate with food, toxic relationships, technology and work and whilst it's understandable to want to put it all right, there is no sense in 12 unattainable goals, if you don't value the body and soul that you are setting them for? Drop all other expectations and start with making time to get comfortable with just being. 

We at Mauli, enjoy Vedic meditation, but try different forms until you find one that resonates with you. Aim for 20 minutes but even a few minutes will begin to create positive change. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on repeating a powerful mantra – find one that resonates with you and that could even be an affirmation. Mine oscillates between Om, So Hum and Aum Namah Shivaya. Repeat your mantra mentally, slowly and with awareness. As you begin to relax, create gaps so you can focus on the sounds outside. There may be days you just want to inhale and exhale to the mantra and on others and over time you may enjoy pockets of total silence.  Once you begin to get into meditating, you will be drawn to all the other ways you can create positivity in your life. If it takes you till the end of the year to do this one thing, just do it. Then when 2016 comes, you can set those other goals, knowing you will be able to achieve them, because you have what you really need – a love of and a belief in the power of your Sacred Self. 

Here's a link to Gary Gorrow's explanation of Vedic Meditation, which we hope you will find helpful.  

And here is a link to a guided meditation, which whilst elementary in delivery, really resonates with us.

Good luck with it and please let us know how you get on.

Mauli Rituals