Kansa Face Massage Dome


Our hand-crafted Kansa Face Massage Tool helps diminish fine lines, inflammation, and puffiness. The double-sided kansa tool helps instantly lift and sculpt while boosting lymphatic drainage, which in turn draws out toxins, eases sinus congestion, jaw pain, and headaches, and gives the skin a radiant glow.

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An anti-ageing skin massage tool that is rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom and carefully designed to lift, sculpt and smooth the skin. MARMA in Sanskrit denotes the sensitive, hidden energy pathways between the subtle and physical body. Located over the lymph nodes, marma sites can hold toxins, stress, and negative emotions, which manifest as puffiness, inflammation, jaw pain, and sinus congestion. The electro-conductivity of our artisan Kansa Dome acts like a magnet between the skin's surface and underlying connective tissue, subtly yet instantly activating marma points so energy flows and skin looks lifted, sculpted, and glowing with vitality.

BENEFITS: Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothes inflammation and calms the skin

FOR: Ageing skin

FEELS LIKE: Relaxing, restorative therapy for the skin and spirit

DIMENSIONS: 90mm x 48mm

Our Plant Power

Kansa Metal + Teak Wood


Apply a few drops of our Supreme Skin Face Serum onto cleansed face and neck to allow the dome to slip and glide across the skin. Work each marma (lymphatic drainage) point approximately 8-12 times; anti-clockwise to release toxins and clockwise to rejuvenate. Massage using slow, deliberate rhythmic movements in a combination of zigzags, circles, gliding rotations and the smaller kansa point around the nose, mouth and in a figure of 8 around the eyes. You will intuitively want to focus on areas of tension or concern.

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