As the temperature outside drops and the indoor heating goes up, our skin faces new challenges. The cold, crisp air and strong winds can strip our skin of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling dry, flaky and dull. These harsher weather conditions can make skin more susceptible to damage, requiring a shift in our skincare routines. 


Here are our top Ayurvedic winter skincare tips to nourish and protect your skin during these chillier months.

5 Top tips for to take care of your skin this winter

1. Hydration is key

The cold, dry air can leave our skin feeling parched so hydration is absolutely essential. Hydration starts from the inside out so ensure you’re drinking plenty of water for your skin’s moisture balance. Water should be consumed at warm or room temperature, and herbal teas can also contribute to your daily fluid intake. Read our article on How To Drink Water The Ayurvedic Way to reap the benefits for your overall complexion. 

Externally, opt for products enriched with hydrating and nourishing ingredients like almond oil, calendula oil, black seed oil and argan oil to lock in moisture and create a protective barrier against the elements. The Supreme Skin Face Serum is packed with brightening vitamins, balancing minerals, nourishing omegas, and strengthening antioxidants. Use the replenishing oil serum on its own or enhance your regular moisturiser with a few drops mixed in.

2. Massage your face daily

Daily face massage oxygenates the skin, drains the lymphatic system of toxins as well creating a calming daily ritual. The Anti-Ageing Skin Massage Tool can be used in conjunction with our Supreme Skin Face Serum to massage your face and neck, which can help improve circulation, reduce puffiness, and promote a more healthy, glowing complexion. In winter, facial massage is a remedy to skin that feels puffy and dehydrated. 

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3. Make use of the longer nights

Sleep is vital for skin health. While you sleep, your skin repairs itself and produces new collagen. Make the most of the longer, darker nights with 7-9 hours of beauty sleep each night. The Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist and Sleep Dharma Calm Balm are packed with therapeutic essential oils to help induce a deep, harmonious dream state.

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4. Use an exfoliant to nourish and renew the skin

Exfoliation is key to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy cell renewal, especially when dry skin can accumulate in winter. Mauli Rituals' Supreme Skin Exfoliant & Mask incorporate ingredients of clarifying Mysore sandalwood, Kashmiri saffron and rose otto in mineral-rich clay to remove dullness and leave skin supple and glowing. Always exfoliate gently and avoid over-scrubbing which can lead to irritation. 

5. Protect your hands

Don’t neglect your hands in winter. The skin on your hands is more delicate, susceptible to dryness, and equally exposed to environmental damage. Mauli Rituals' Reawaken Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with organic shea butter, organic sunflower oil, organ cocoa butter and essential oils that offer protection from the harsh conditions in winter and keep your hands soft and supple. 

Follow these Ayurvedic winter skincare tips using our favourite Mauli products, to keep skin healthy, hydrated and glowing all winter long.

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