The relationships we have with loved ones and partners are all about a delicate balance of give and take as well as meeting each other's needs. Knowing how you receive love as well as give love is the foundation for how well the relationships in your life will thrive. This is where love languages come into play, they help you to navigate what love means to you.

As well as knowing your love language, knowing your Ayurvedic type can have a profound impact on your well-being and relationships. This can help you to find the right balance and guide you in your interaction with other people. 

At Mauli Rituals, we believe that your dosha influences every aspect of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing so it is only feasible that it also will help guide you and teach you about your love language. 

How Your Dosha Plays A Part In Ayurveda Love Connections 

Your dosha plays a pivotal role in your love connections, whether your dosha is  vata, pitta, or kapha, it has a huge influence over the partnerships you have. They help to guide and navigate what is important and necessary to make the relationship balanced and fulfilling for you, and how you show your love.

A relationship must work with who you are and your essence as a being, meaning that your partner and their qualities must feed the elements that already exist within you and balance out your dosha by also bringing new and different qualities. 

The Vata doshas thrive off of  new experiences and they love adventure, without this zest for life and exploration they can become bored and feel stuck. However, they can struggle to commit and see things through. The right dosha for them will help them to equally try new things and have fun, as well as be consistent and committed. 

The Pitta dosha are  goal-oriented and driven, they love being busy and ticking everything off of their to do lists for the day. Productivity is how they feel accomplished but if they persist in their endeavors to do more and more, then this creates an unhealthy imbalance. They need to find a dosha to balance out their busy lifestyle and help them to go slow and relax.  

The Kapha doshas are creatures of habit and love their routines. They like to know what is going on and like the predictability of life. But this can lead to them feeling mundane, so they need a dosha that is unpredictable and helps them to step out of their routine.  

Seeking out a partner with similarities is not always what is best for your dosha, the relationship won’t have enough of the differing qualities to counteract or pacify your dosha or prevent imbalances from occurring. 

Your dosha influences who you will help you to find the right partner that is the yin to your yang and find the right balance between similarities and differences. If all you share are similarities, then you can easily become imbalanced from the  relationship as the differences are what help align and pacify your dosha. 

What Are The Five Love Languages?

The five love languages come from Gary Chapman's book. Whether you are aware of your love language, most people will know what they want from a  partner, whether that is them to bring you flowers, cook you dinner or listen to your day over a cup of tea. How can looking through love languages through an Ayurveda lens help to align with your dosha? 

Love Languages help to guide and navigate what you need from a relationship and your dosha can help you find your love language preference.  Here are the 5 Love Languages and how they relate to Dosha in a little more detail. 

The Five Traditional Love Languages are:

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1. Words of Affirmation

Even though you may know someone loves you, it can be hard to remind yourself of this all the time. That is why being told you're loved and having nice things said to you can make you feel happy and loved. Even if it is making someone a cup of tea or and someone saying thank you and appreciating what you do for them, it doesn't always have to be a big declaration of love, it is all about the little, shared moments. 

Vata types will appreciate words of love and appreciation, as they can become anxious and need reassurance or else they will continually second guess their partner.  

2. Acts Of Service

Having a loved one help you out and do things for you can make you feel loved because it could be something as simple as washing the dishes or going to the shop to pick up dinner and cooking it. These things help to free up your time and relieve you of having to do these tasks and make you feel cared for.

Pitta types are independent and goal oriented and while they may not admit, they will appreciate love being expressed through having things done for them.  

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3.  Receiving Gifts

Receiving a gift makes you feel thought of and therefore makes you feel loved. That is why when you give a gift it should align to the individual, not everyone wants an expensive gift. For example, Kapha types are sentimental and so appreciate gifts as symbols of love.  It need not be a flashy show of love, but something heartfelt and meaningful.  Whereas that is what some people value above all else. 

Finding dosha gifts doesn’t have to be a struggle, they can be a way to help them find balance and relaxation. The perfect vata gift is the at home yoga set, this can help them to try something new but also to stick with it and relax. They can inhale the candle and feel grounded and balanced when they start to pull away and look for the next new thing to try.

Whereas the perfect kapha gift, to help them when they feel sluggish in their routine is the Strength & Spirit Plant Alchemy. They can add this into their food or mix with warm water, to help them with motivation.  A great way to show love is gifting the time for someone to sit back and relax. This makes the perfect pita gift a nourishing body oil, to help them unwind from their routine and take a moment to themselves.

4. Quality Time

Sometimes spending less time together but quality time together can forge a better connection. This is because you have to cherish the time together,  so put your phone away and engage in a nice conversation or activity. 

All three dosha will appreciate the love language of being given quality time but for different reasons.  Vata types love company and solitude in equal measures, so share quality time and then know when to let them be.  Pitta types are self-motivated but will welcome you joining them for a physical activity, as you’re doing it on their terms.  Kapha types will want to sit down and watch a good movie, while sharing a bag of popcorn. 

5. Physical Touch

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Sometimes after a long day all you want is a big hug and kiss on your forehead. Physical touch is a way to feel connected to your partner, this could be laying t having your feet touch or sitting on the sofa and holding hands. 

All three dosha will appreciate physical touch.  When Vata is anxious, give them a gentle head massage to calm the nervous system.  Give Pitta types a back and shoulder massage to destress and give Kapha a foot massage as an act of deep, loving devotion. 

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Anita Kaushal