We delve deep into the often-overlooked aspects of Saturn's influence, offering insights into how its energies shape our lives and what we can do to harness its transformative power.
Join us as we explore the enigmatic world of Saturn, demystify its dreaded "Saturn return," and discover how embracing patience and perseverance can lead to profound success in our personal and professional journeys. 


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Saturn, the famous ringed planet of the zodiac often gets a bad rep in W astrology. Being known as the planet of structure, discipline and hard work,  the subtler qualities of Saturn’s gifts are overlooked.


Signs ruled by Saturn: Capricorn & Aquarius
Nakshatras ruled by Saturn: Pushyami, Anuradha & Uttara Bhadrapada.
Saturn direct in 2023: November 4th

    Until November 4th, Saturn is still retrograde in the sign of Aquarius in the sidereal Vedic system. Shortly after Saturn enters the nakshatra of Shatabhisha, which loosely translates to mean “100 healers” or “100 physicians”. This is a healing portion of Aquarius and is wonderful for anyone on their journey of self development.

    Due to Saturn’s retrograde motion throughout September and October, the autumnal season gets off to a slow start for the collective, which means many of us will have to be patient when it comes to personal projects of career trajectory. Saturn never denies, but delays rewards and pushes us to persevere in the face of obstacles.

    Those born with a strong Saturn in their chart have a powerful work ethic and a deep sense of responsibility. We all have the ability to hone our Saturnian qualities, especially at the well-known “Saturn return” periods of life. 

     What is the dreaded "Saturn Return"

    A “Saturn return” is when Saturn makes its once-every-29-year visit to the exact place it was when we were born. As maturity is one of Saturn’s primary gifts, our Saturn return marks a noticeable landmark in our journey, when we can gain recognition and reach milestones both in career and personal endeavours. However Saturn is ruthless in abolishing that which does not serve us.

    Saturn returns have received their fearful reputation due to the hardship that often accompanies these transits. Breakups, sudden career shifts and moments of grief are often encountered during a Saturn return. The planetary energy will tear down whatever structures keep us from the highest expression of our selfhood. 

    The key in successfully and peacefully moving through a Saturn transit is to have patience and persevere. As those who have ever endured hard lessons will know, grief and obstacles are the tools that chisel us into shape. Successful figures in business, politicians and those in power often have a strongly situated Saturn in their birth chart.

    This autumn, any setbacks in our external reality are there to test our commitment to the long-term vision. Once Saturn spins direct on November 4th, he will gather speed and help us strengthen the structure of our lives so we can enter 2024 feeling robust and clear.


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