‘Calm’ is the word that most comes to mind when people walk through the doors of my light filled home.  I believe the reason this space feels inviting and serene is because it represents an emotional connection to the stories of those I hold dear – in short, it represents love.


An oversized painting from the days my father traded antiques from Rajasthani sits next to an 70’s emerald green clock he found at a car boot sale – both reminders of his passion for honouring artisan made things.  A dainty, carved dressing table my mother found in Whitley’s of London.  It was the 60’s and she saved hard, until one day her table was home and became the place she would pull her hair into a bun, apply almond oil to her flawless skin and finish with just a dash of red lipstick.  A sheer embellished sari designed by my sister, draped over my bathroom window, paintings and poems from my children, pictures of 30 wonderful years with my husband, cards from friends, the Paul Smith needlepoint I treated myself to when my first book was published... Our Sundaram & Silence Candle that acts like a therapy session at the end of the day and reminds me what we’ve created has value.  I’m so grateful for these little reminders of the richness of my life.



 Now more than ever, I feel incredibly lucky to be in this space.  The experience of downsizing and working from home has brought clarity.  There is now time to meditate, to sit and do a crossword with my son, to cook unhurried, to read a book.  I might even treat myself to a bread maker.


Some of us are lucky enough to have separate home offices, but if not, it’s vital to put work away mentally and physically.  When the day is done, pack away all cables, laptops and notebooks.  Run yourself a bath or take an energising shower.  Change into clothes that signal a new point in your day. Light a candle to change the mood and do some simple yoga and breathing exercises, followed by a 5-10-minute meditation.  Now is your time; savour it





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Anita Kaushal