What are adaptogensDespite being beauty's newest buzzword for 2022, these so-called miracle working ingredients, Adaptogens, have been prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctors for hundreds of years. Herbal remedies were used to clear up acne, reduce hair loss and other conditions well before modern treatments existed. So what exactly are adaptogens and how do they help strengthen hair, skin and nails, and improve energy and immunity?

Adaptogen by name, adaptogen by nature

As the name suggests, ‘adaptogens’ are potent herbs that intuitively adapt their function according to your body’s specific needs. When we are stressed an adaptogenic herb can calm us, when we are feeling low it can help improve our mood. A great example of this is Ashwagandha which acts to both energise and calm us depending on what our body needs. Targeting the bodies natural healing system, they are used to boost depleted energy, ease imbalances and support physical, emotional and spiritual health. Think of them as nature’s therapist, but on a cellular level. 

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Mauli adaptogen supplements, what are adaptogens

Which herbs count as an adaptogen?
To count as an adaptogen, the herb must abide to the ‘Four N’s’:

Nourishing – offer nutritive strength through potent active levels 

Normalising – promote balance through raising what is low and lower what is high (such as energy, stress)

Non-specific – act on multiple parts of the body and mind at the same time

Non-toxic – be completely safe when used daily

What other benefits are there?

As well as having a homeostatic effect on our body, adaptogens can improve overall wellbeing.

Here are our four favourite adaptogenic herbs:

Shatavari to balance hormones. 

Ashwagandha to boost energy

Triphala to aid digestion 

Amla to strengthen hair, skin and nails

Adaptogens are yet another Ayurvedic example of how mother nature has provided us all with the goods to live a healthier lifestyle.

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How can I incorporate adaptogens into my diet?

Occasionally people can have an aversion to certain herbs. As these are potent and powerful herbs, we suggest starting with a quarter tsp with a meal, warm water or honey and as with any new herbs, build tolerance slowly and gently. Check with your practitioner, especially if you are taking any other meditations or herbal remedies.

Keep a diary noting the foods you're eating, your daily routines and how you’re feeling mentally and emotionally and then drop into what you need monthly and seasonally. The beauty of Ayurveda is you’ll soon begin to tune into your unique constitution and know intuitively what you need.  

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