Silk is one of the most luxurious and coveted materials, loved for its gorgeous shimmering tones and irresistibly soft-to-the-touch texture. There is no surprise it has made its way into the haircare realm with its natural fibres and silky smooth texture being extra gentle on those precious strands.

Silk has long been entwined with the art of Ayurveda, with silk being known as ‘Paat’ in East India, ‘Pattu’ in South India and ‘Resham’ in North India. Produced from the cocoons of mulberry silkworm, silk is a natural protein fibre and one of the strongest natural fibres there is. So what makes this luxurious material so beneficial to our hair?

benefits of silk for hair

Benefits of Silk for Your Hair

Silk can be described as a hair and beauty sleep weapon, with many beauty editors owing their shimmering locks to the wonders of silk hair wraps, silk pillowcases and silk hair ties. 

Whilst many of us typically use cotton for our hair ties, pillowcases and hair wraps, this deceivingly soft material is actually quite rough on our delicate hair and skin. The friction caused between the cotton pillowcase and our hair strands can leave us with unruly morning hair, frizz and fly-aways. Not to mention your blow out needing extra TLC each time you wake up. Similarly with hair ties. The rough nature of the material can leave you with breakage along your delicate hair line, leaving you with shorter hairs and fly-aways.

The main benefit of silk for hair all comes from the soft and, for want of a better word, silky nature of the silk. This gliding material does not cause friction with your hair, allowing it to glide across the luxury material with ease and without resistance. This will reduce pesky fly-aways, frizz and breakage of your delicate strands. 

Another benefit of silk for hair comes from the molecular structure of the silk itself. This natural protein, unlike cotton, does not draw moisture away from your hair, allowing your hair to stay moisturised, hydrated and full of body. So if you are a Pitta dosha and particularly prone to dryness, silk can be a perfect addition to your hair care accessories. 

benefits of silk for hair

Benefits of Silk Hair Wraps

A silk hair wrap is a length of pure silk, typically 90cm by 90 cm and one of the most luxury ways to treat your locks. Not to mention the time and struggle it saves you, fighting unruly morning hair. By wrapping your hair at night time you are eliminating the friction you cause between your hair and pillowcase when you toss and turn during the night. By wrapping your hair in silk you are perfectly preserving your natural or styled hair which will free up 10 minutes of your morning for a more relaxing ritual. The nature of the material will also prevent damage and breakage, and allow your strands to maintain moisture, leaving your hair just as silky as your silk scarf, and just as shiny.

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silk hair wrap

Benefits of Silk Hair Ties

Hair ties are another essential accessory for those of us with long locks, but unfortunately as cute and functional as they are, they tend to cause friction and tension around the tie resulting in breakage. Enter silk hair ties. Not only do they feel irresistible and look oh-so adorable, but their soft material is more gentle on those delicate strands around your hairline and doesn’t leave any kinks where your hairstyle has been. Removing your silk hair ties is also another pleasant experience. With the silk you won’t experience pulling or broken hair around the tie, leaving you with healthier and stronger hair. 

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