Oral oil pulling is the ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swilling oils around your mouth for a period of time to remove bacteria build up, promote oral hygiene and improve dental health. The term ‘oil pulling’ comes from the idea that the oil ‘pulls’ bacteria from the teeth, gums and tongue.

Oil Pulling Benefits:

The benefits of Ayurvedic oil pulling are plenty, including diminished tooth decay, bad breath and bleeding gums, along with brighter, whiter teeth thanks to the antibacterial properties of coconut oil. Another benefit of oil pulling is that the oil moisturises the mouth and gums and promotes saliva production, something that in turn fights off bacteria in the mouth. 

Yet what stops us doing what we believe to be good for us is simply time constraints. Truth is, there are many misconceptions surrounding Ayurveda and a 20 minute daily ritual of oil pulling, is one of them. In fact, all you need to benefit from oil pulling is it 2-10 minutes daily - swish for 30 seconds, hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Oral Oil Pulling

Centuries ago, in a time free of Netflix and the 9-5, you may have rather enjoyed a 20 minutes spend on oral hygiene, followed by an hours massage, a bit of yoga and meditation, but that time has long passed. Try just 2 minutes with either coconut or sesame oil daily and you’ll notice remarkable results within weeks. A focus on wellbeing is a good thing, but don’t let the pursuit of perfection give rise to pressure or feeling ‘less-than. It’s about doing what you can and even a few small changes, adapted to suit your lifestyle is the path to true wellbeing. So get ready to swish, stop and just be.

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