It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day and a fitting reminder of why we started Mauli Rituals.

As some of you will know, we lost our beloved daughter Milli from an inoperable brain-tumour. We were so privileged to have an angel by our side for ten magical years and whilst we wish she could have stayed longer, that wish was never in our power. What we could do was channel our grief and support charities focused on making the lives of children happier and healthier and in doing so, continue the goodness and pure love that was and always will be Milli Kaushal.

Milli taught us that one cannot drink from an empty vessel and as such, the initiative had to have a threefold mission and ultimately spread love and joy.

Firstly, people give donations to causes in need. Secondly; they give to themselves and thirdly, they give to someone in their circle of influence. While hugely welcome, we all know donating money can be a soulless, mechanical act, yet giving physically or emotionally to self or others demands a commitment. Choosing happiness and positivity for strangers, for self and for loved ones completes the circle of giving and with that we increase our reservoir of love and positivity.
Previous pledges have included, dancing in the kitchen, wearing pink, turning the phone off as soon as entering through the front door, taking up cycling, washing a neighbours car. My niece pledged to buy uplifting books for herself and after reading; leave them on a train, with a note for whoever randomly, or not, found them. My son pledged to take up an instrument and to empty the dishwasher daily. He’s 14 now and fundraises by busking in Portobello Market, gives to himself by taking time to do nothing at all; yet not forgetting to empty the dishwasher!

Mauli Rituals is an extension of our fundraising and philosophy. Every time you purchase a Mauli Sacred Thread with Bells Bracelet, we give £5 to charity. Our natural and organic products are made to enrich your day and of those you share our Mauli with. Thank you for your part in our journey, for helping our target and wishing you all endless random acts of kindness.
Mauli Rituals