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What is your journey to Reiki?

I guess it found me, as I fell into it by accident in 2002. I was going through my first major break up! It was devastating and I was young without any tools to help me cope. 
A friend suggested acupuncture and the lady turned out to be a Reiki Master. I responded so well to her sessions, that she invited me to train and I got hooked from there. 
It’s like being shown the keys to the universe, being taught that you can work magic with your hands and you have this dormant ability that connects you to everything and everyone.  Life changing stuff. 

What Reiki means and can you explain what it is?

Rei means universe and Ki means energy. It is a non-invasive healing method that uses an infinite supply of life-force energy that exists in the world. 
The practice involves releasing heavy vibrations or blocks in your system so that your energy moves freely around and you feel your best. 

What are the benefits and when should we consider going to a session?

It can heal you physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. You don’t have to be sick to benefit, it works brilliantly as a way to maintain great health in every sense. 
However, if you do feel ill, pain, flat, anxious, lost or depressed it works by boosting your body's natural healing ability, to speed up your recovery.  It will give you exactly what you need on that day. 

What is the feeling we can expect during a session? Is this practice painful?

You lie down on a bed fully clothed.  I will lay my hands on you or above you to channel the energy into your body where it wants it.
Many people say they feel heat or tingles. It can release emotions and you may feel so relaxed you go into a deep meditative state where time goes bendy.
It’s certainly not painful, but it could be intense if heavy vibrations are released.
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What is your definition of wellbeing?

I think wellbeing is simply looking after yourself. Doing the things that you know you need to feel good. 
For me, it’s being really conscious of how I’m feeling - listening to what my body is telling me and then acting on that information. 

How do you honour your sacredness?

What a beautiful question. Healing myself in bed is my sacred morning ritual, it really sets me up for the day. Self-healing is part of Reiki but it feels so ridiculously good, it’s more than a practice, it’s a gesture of self-love.

What is your favourite mantra? or a favourite quote?

"Sex is the seed, love is the flower, compassion is the fragrance” - Osho
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