Here at Mauli, we celebrate our community and we're all the better for sharing ideas and inspiration. We asked our Instagram followers to share their favourite rejuvenating rituals and here are some of the highlights and we particularly love the first. Without gratitude, there can be no beauty.  


“My rejuvenating ritual and only ritual is I have a grateful mantra that I try to do each day!! I often wake up feeling anxious so in order to calm my mind I do a quick breathing meditation and then give thanks for 3 things for which I am grateful. It gives me a little moment of calm and makes me focus on what really matters before the day begins.”
  - Sophia Wilmotjosife


surangistyle Drink lemon water in the morning 

jossiebc3 Deep inhalations of my favourite cleanser before I cleanse my face to inhale all those essential oils - a moment of mindfulness before my day begins


lel.pJust 20 mins of yoga and stretching definitely sets me up for the day. 

naturalnieproste Ice cubes under eye to improve blood circulation and have a bright fresh look all day long ✨✨ 

clairejstewart40 Simply smoothing on Mauli Supreme Skin face Serum - smells divine and feels heavenly

vertverdegreen Hot water & lemon, usually whilst reading stories for my little one 😍 No matter what I do, he's always up first in our house! Always! 😂 

essyadelyde If I have time I do a little facial massage to get rid of puffiness but always use my moisturiser with a drop of oskia city bloker concentrate

radhaandriollo Lay on my bed with my head hanging off the edge, sneaky handstand effect. Gets the blood circulation flowing. Rosy cheeks and bright eyes ❤️.

saima_sx In the morning I wash my face with a gentle cleansing wash, followed by lemon and mint tea (fresh) then before makeup prime my face with nivea sensitive shaving balm with a hint of SPF moisturiser and I’m done ☺️ 

grillothebest What a great competition! I usually start Washing The face and then I use a delicate cleanser and eau miscellare, followed by a toner, then a eye and face serum and a moisture cream ,primer and finally make up! 

thedebdebs Baby in one arm, with the other I wipe my face with the warm Muslin cloth then straight on with my serum I inhale then, from neck upwards pat on, I get a little energy boost from the scents and I'm set for the day! 

amanda_s.h Up at 6, quick shower, wash face with rose cleansing gel, follow with cold water, spritz of mauli rose mist, rose eye and face cream. Mascara and blusher.❤️ Waiting for the day mauli bring out a cleanser! 

tenillewernars Rejuvenating rituals consists of yoga or other exercise, shower followed by cleanser, rose facial mist, a serum, eye cream and an SPF moisturiser, and then a meditation on my commute to work (sometimes with a delicious coffee). I would love to win this serum and be able to incorporate in my beauty regime 😍 it looks amazing and has all my favourite scents!!! 


myredcarpetbody I cleanse my face with a coconut oil or almond pulp left from making my almond milk and then using warm cotton cloth every evening; sometimes I wipe it with rose water before applying serums ( a combination of oil based and non oil based); I don't cleanse my face in the morning, just apply a bit of oil and occasionally an eye cream or a moisturiser or a sun block 🙂 

gemb797 Always a cold water face wash 

tippymoomin A good old exfoliation - brings the blood to the surface 

maheenparveen I cleanse my face with a pink grapefruit face wash which helps eliminate blackheads and spots. I then apply a light moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated before applying any make up. ☺ 

hortonsfitness I cleanse my face with a warm cloth and then apply toner and moisturiser to keep my skin hydrate 

wildheartmedicine 10 minutes of mindful breathing before I️ get up! 

johnessharon A few times a week I use micro dermabrasion to take the dead skin off and use a good serum to replace the moisture. On the other days i use a moisturising balm with a hot cloth.

zulianilordI Massage cleansing oil into my face and remove with a clean hot flannel. I than splash my face with cold water 

thetalesofgem A mug of warm water & lemon juice. 5 minutes of meditation. . 




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